Olson Hall


  • Named for David Olson, Chairman of Geology and Geography Department, 1913-1951.
  • Dedicated in 1961.
  • Houses approximately 235 students from first year to upper-class.
  • Houses the CCI-Commons.

Hall Mailing Address:

Student Name
Room Number, Hall
1375 Eastway Drive
Kent, OH 44243

GPS Address:

875 Lefton Esplanade
Kent, OH 44243


Olson Hall is comprised mostly of double rooms. All beds use twin-extra long sheets. Fridge, Freezer, Microwave Units come standard in the rooms. The loft-able furniture present in the rooms provides a multitude of furniture arrangement options! To learn more about what the lofts are and how they can be used, visit our 'Loft Instructions' page by clicking here.

Visitation and Alcohol Policy

To find information regarding hall policies such as visitation or quiet hours, please visit https://www.kent.edu/housing/hallways-handbook.

Dining Close to Olson Hall:


Lake and Olson Halls together are staffed by a Residence Hall Director (RHD), a Graduate Assistant (GA), and twelve Resident Assistants (RAs). The staff's main goals are to provide the residents with valuable information, create a positive community through educational programming, maintain a safe and high-quality living environment and serve as a resource whenever a student has a question or concern.

Hall Council

The Olson Hall Council also operates with the goal of improving student living. Hall Council provides all residents with an opportunity to interact with one another through weekly meetings and a variety of fun activities and programs. The Executive Board provides leadership opportunities within the hall, as well as the whole campus.


Required preventative maintenance is completed in each student room twice a year.



Diagram of Double room


Diagram of restrooms with ADA accessible shower and toilet