CCI Commons Continues to Grow

The CCI Commons and the College of Communication and Information saw a record number of returning Kent State students for fall 2014.

81.6 percent of freshmen enrolled in the college in fall 2012 returned as sophomores in 2013, and 77.9 percent are currently enrolled as juniors. Of last year’s freshman class, 82.4 percent have returned as sophomores.

The CCI Commons freshman to sophomore retention increased from 84.8 percent to 86.5 percent. Of 133 freshmen enrolled in fall 2013, 115 returned to the Commons for their second year.

The previous school year only saw a return of 94 of 105 freshmen Commons members.

When comparing the total number of members, the Commons has seen continued progress in retention of its sophomores, juniors and seniors. Of 228 total Commons members, 206 returned for this fall, a retention rate of 90.4 percent. In fall 2012, total retention was at 79.9 percent—in two years, the number of returning students has increased by 13 percent.

The Commons promotes a combination of student satisfaction and a sense of belonging. It also provides academic support, connected classes, study groups and other campus resources to its members.

Sophomore communication studies major Bri Manes said she first found out about the CCI Commons through her campus tour before enrolling as freshman.

Manes, who is currently a sophomore sensei to freshmen Commons members who study communication studies, said she really likes Olson Hall’s Design Studio and how connected all of the members are.

“You’re guaranteed to find someone else who has your major, and it’s comforting because even if you’re not friends with them, it’s still another colleague who’s right there,” Manes said about connecting with other Commons members.

Manes also said she returned to the Commons for two reasons: to get to know the members better and be a mentor to incoming freshmen.

The CCI Commons is proud to have so many returning students and hopes to continue to grow.