RecycleMania 2016 Recap

The 8-week Recyclemania Tournament has come to a close for 2016 with some very exciting results!  Thanks to the daily recycling by residents, guests, and staff -- over 160,000 pounds of recyclable material was collected this year in the residence halls alone!  Very nice work KSU!

With a score of just over 32 pounds recycled per person, Engleman Hall is once again this year’s Recyclemania winner for the Hall vs. Hall challenge. To celebrate, Engleman Hall residents have won $200 for their Hall Council fund.   

Kent State University also maintains possession of the Recylemania BRAGGIN’ WHEEL trophy, after beating the University of Akron in our unofficial campus-recycling challenge over this same 8-week period.  Go Flashes!

In addition, Kent State University finished in the top third of the participating campuses within North America for their per capita recycling during Recyclemania. During 2016, KSU campus recycled 15.22bs/person and ranked 77th out of 269 campuses.

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