This past weekend approximately 17 Kent State students and staff attended the annual NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls) conference hosted by North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota. Yes, the North Dakotan accents were as awesome as you imagined.

For those who don’t know, NACURH is the largest student run organization in the world (400 schools). There were multiple schools from around the world including North America, Mexico, Australia, Qatar, Canada, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Japan. NACURH promotes living on campus as an integral part of the college experience, and strives to provide resources to help member schools create the ultimate residence hall environment and experience.

Kent State University sent two different groups. One group was the student delegation led by Patrick Dugan and David Haas. The other group was the NSRO (NACURH Services and Recognition Office) advised by Allie Smith and Lindsay Marx. The NSRO is part of NACURH and the office is being hosted at Kent State University for three years (one year remaining). The NSRO serves the eight regions in NACURH, coordinates the Of-The-Month (OTM) certificates and all NACURH and NRHH merchandise.

 If you haven’t seen the short (1 min) KSU delegation highlight video, do that now.

Watch the KSU delegation highlight video

The weekend was incredibly successful and I learned very quickly that Kent State University is a highly respected institution within our region (CAACURH). In the words of one University of Delaware student, “Oh, you’re with Kent State?...You guys are awesome.”

Some highlights from the conference:

  • National Recognition (NACURH) – this is a really big deal!! On-stage in front of 3000 people big deal.
  •  Nicole Machovina received the First Year Experience Award - given to a first-year student who has done an outstanding job of contributing to their residential community.
  • After winning the FYE Award at the regional level, CAACURH bid for her to win the national award against all eight regions.
  • Megan Corder was awarded a Gold Pin by the NACURH chair. 
  • Regional Recognition (CAACURH) – There are 38 schools in our Region
  • Amanda Bevington won the CAACURH Outstanding Member of the Year Award
  • Kelli Brinkman won the CAACURH NRHH President of the Year Award
  • Two Winning Regional OTMs:
    • “You Are Loved” – Hannah Firsdon
    • “The Anti-Burn Book” – Katharine Rarick
  • Delegates who were selected to present at the NACURH conference:
    • Corey Patterson and Nicole Machovina presented “Social Justice Superheroes”
    • Hannah Jager and Jessica McKee presented “Are You Riding The Freshman Struggle Bus?”
    • Marisa Stephens and Amanda Bevington presented “Making Fairytales Happen Everywhere: Spreading Service Throughout Your Community”
    • Justin Schwendeman recognized Kent State University for being his host school while he served CAACURH this past year as the Regional Communications Coordinator for Bidding.
    • Megan Corder was awarded a Silver Pin by the CAACURH Regional Board of Directors
    • Abigail Candalor was awarded a Golden Louie by the SAACURH Regional Board of Directors
    • Emily Nighswander is the new Coordinating Officer for RHA Relations for CAACURH
    • Justin Schwendeman was sworn in as the Regional Director for CAACURH – As the new Regional Director, Justin will be leading his Board of Directors and the entire CAACURH region. Go Justin!