Safety Tips and Reminders for a New Year

As we start a new semester, it is important to be reminded of some basic residence hall and campus safety tips.


For general housing Safety Tips, please visit:


Below are some reminders for you as you live with us on campus:


  • Students should walk in pairs or with a group at night when walking off-campus. 
  • You can call for a Security Escort (330-672-7004) after 8:00 pm each night and a Security Aide will walk with you from anywhere on-campus to anywhere else on-campus If you have a bicycle in the halls, you are encouraged to register your bicycle with any RHD or at the Security Office in Tri Towers.
  • If your bike becomes lost or stolen, it can be easily identified.
  • Please remember the following about your residence hall:
    • Candles and incense are not permitted in the residence halls.
    • No more than one 12-foot long rope light or one set of 50 miniature lights are permitted in a student room.
    • No posters, flags or tapestry should be placed on the ceiling in your room.
    • Torchiere-style lamps are not permitted in your room.
    • Lava lamps are not permitted in the halls.
    • Nothing should be hung from or placed around sprinkler or fire alarms in your room.
    • Lofts or bunked beds should never be placed parallel to windows.


All of us in the Department of Residence Services wish you a wonderful spring semester. If you need assistance or have questions, please reach out to your RHD or contact Residence Services in Korb Hall or at 330-672-7000.