Many students have personal leisure travel already booked for upcoming weekends. Should they still travel? Why can’t Kent State force students to cancel their travel plans?

  • Kent State advises all students to cancel any upcoming personal leisure travel until further notice. As the virus is spreading rapidly, students run the risk of not being permitted to enter their destination country and/or face quarantine conditions.
  • All personal leisure travel will be at the students’ own risk.
  • Should students opt to continue their personal leisure travel, they must complete the weekend travel form sent out weekly by Kent State Florence staff.
  • Kent State cannot prevent students from participating in personal leisure travel that occurs outside of Kent State Florence program activity. Because students are over the age of 18 and considered adults, Kent State is unable to force students to do something that they don’t want to do.
  • Students should consult with the sources listed above when making the decision to continue to travel.