Kent State’s Liquid Crystal Institute Hosts Chirality Symposium June 4-5

Kent State University’s Liquid Crystal Institute® will host a symposium called “Chirality at the Nanoscale” on June 4-5 in the Kent Student Center on the Kent Campus. 
“This event features internationally renowned scientists presenting cutting-edge research on one of the key central topics of life, biology, physical as well as materials science, and engineering: chirality,” said symposium chairman Torsten Hegmann, Ph.D., Ohio Research Scholar and associate professor at Kent State’s Liquid Crystal Institute. “The focus of this symposium is the chirality of nanoscale materials and soft matter, and we are delighted to welcome world-leading chemists, physicists and mathematicians that have made remarkable contributions to this field.”
This symposium brings together researchers from two fields that explore the unique optical activity (chirality) of metal and semiconductor nanomaterials as well as soft condensed matter, such as liquid crystals. 

“Research at the interface between liquid crystal and nanomaterials is considered one of the new frontiers and has produced new chemistry, physics, devices and prototypes for metamaterials,” Hegmann said.  
The keynote speaker is Thomas Bürgi, Ph.D., professor of chemistry in the Physical Chemistry Department at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, who will present “Chirality of Nanoscale Gold Particles and Clusters.”

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POSTED: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 - 11:39am
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