Kent State University School of Art Gallery Presents “Beautiful Data”

Exhibition shares the intersection of math, science, technology and art

Exhibition shares the intersection of math, science, technology and art
Kent State University's School of Art Gallery presents "Beautiful Data," an exhibition that showcases the intersection of math, science, technology and art. Kent State University School of Art Gallery will present “Beautiful Data: Technology and the Creative Process,” curated by Director of Galleries Anderson Turner. The exhibition runs through Nov. 16 in the School of Art Gallery.

“Beautiful Data” has been curated in support of this year’s inauguration of the iPad initiative in the School of Art. The iPad is the only materials requirement for students — usually first-year students —  two-dimensional composition classes beginning this fall semester. This exhibition provides examples of people who use math, science and technology in an artistic way.
“Many of our students coming in as freshmen have very little understanding of what being an artist means or can mean. If they have any concept at all, it tends to sway toward a more traditional bent,” says Turner. “It is my hope that as our students grow in using technology, they can find ways to integrate aspects of contemporary society into their work. This iPad initiative, launched by Assistant Professor Mark Schatz and other faculty teaching 2-D composition, is an important step for our students and our school. This show has been curated with the students in mind and in the hopes that it will help to expand upon the new experiences they are having this semester.”
This exhibition features the work of Jerry Birchfield, Bruce Checefsky, Ellen Hoverkamp, Fathom and Form, Nathan Selikoff, Nicholeen Viall, Elizabeth Whiteley and Ye Zhao. This group of scientists and artists are using math, science and technology to create results that are visually interesting. In some cases the original intention was not artistic, but the result is visually intriguing.

These individuals and their research have been chosen for this exhibition to inspire imaginations and encourage our students — and all of us — to be open to visual expressions originating beyond the artist’s studio.
The School of Art Gallery is located in the Art Building at 400 Janik Dr. on the Kent Campus. Hours are Tuesday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 330-672-7853 or visit

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