Shorter Internships Allow Students To Sample Multiple Careers Via “Flashternship” Program

Kent State University’s Department of Career Exploration and Development has launched a new program to expose students to career experiences as well as give companies an opportunity to scout talent.

Flashternships will introduce a new ‘soft entry’ internship model,” explains Kristin Williams, executive director of Career Exploration and Development. “The overall goal is to provide opportunities for freshman and sophomore students to enter the internship pipeline early with job shadowing and micro-internships.”

The pilot partner organizations include FedEx Custom Critical, the City of Akron, and the Conservancy of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s Environmental Education Center. Each organization will offer one-day job shadow opportunities and five-day micro-Internships.

One-day job shadow opportunities will match students with an organization to observe a full day of work. The students will have the opportunity to attend meetings and work groups to gain a better understanding of a typical work day within the organization. The staff will also plan time for conversations about pathways to employment in the industry and within the organization.

Students who participate in micro-internships will connect with host organizations to observe their work over five half-day periods. The micro-internship begins with a tour of the organization and a meeting with leadership from departments that students. Students will observe and collaborate in project-based or department-based work to better understand the organizational structure within the industry or field. Students will also participate in conversations with key individuals within the organization to discuss the field or industry.

“Short-term internship experiences will give students the opportunity to redirect their career focus without a long-term commitment like a traditional semester-long internship,” said Dr. John Jewell, strategic initiatives and assessment director for University College. “This new program will allow the students to sample more than one internship within a single academic year.”

Students interested in applying can do so by logging into Flash@Work and searching for Flashternships. Additionally, students are encouraged to update their Flash@Work profile and application documents. An updated resume and a cover letter tailored to each application are required when applying.

Student with questions about Flashternships or an organization interested in the program can visit or contact Craig Wilkinson, Recruiting Coordinator, in Career Exploration and Development at 330-672-8351 or at

POSTED: Monday, November 21, 2016 12:33 PM
Updated: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 12:42 PM
Andrew Piggott