The Future of Coral Reefs presentation given by Dr. Cortés Núñez from University of Costa Rica

Dr. Cortés Núñez is a marine biologist interested in studying the Biological Diversity of Marine ecosystems in Costa Rica. In particular, his scientific work focuses on the study of the structure of reef communities in Costa Rica. His research aims to establish natural variation of reef populations and the effect of human activity on these communities.

In addition to his contribution to coral reefs’ ecology and conservation exceeding 200 publications, he has been Director of the Museum of Zoology and the Center for Research in Marine Sciences and Limnology of the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR). Internationally, he has been part of the Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity Program (CARICOMP) since its establishment and participated in the planning stage of the Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment (AGRRA).

Dr. Cortés Núñez is a member of the Costa Rica Academy of Sciences and the International Society for Reef Studies. He received the National Science Award from the Costa Rica government in 1982, and the Third World Academy of Sciences CONICIT Prize in 1993. Two species of marine invertebrates have been named after him.

UPDATED: Saturday, December 03, 2022 01:02 AM