Kenneth Burhanna Named New Assistant Dean of University Libraries

University Libraries announces the promotion of Associate Professor Kenneth Burhanna to assistant dean, Engagement and Outreach, effective March 2013.

Associate Professor Kenneth Burhanna has been named assistant dean for Engagement and Outreach at University Libraries. University Libraries announces the promotion of Associate Professor Kenneth Burhanna to assistant dean, Engagement and Outreach, effective March 2013.

Burhanna, who began at Kent State University in July 2004 as a first-year experience librarian, served as head of Instructional Services from May 2008 to February 2013. Continuing his service to Kent State as the newest member of University Libraries Dean James Bracken’s leadership team, Burhanna seeks to provide leadership, direction and motivation to the public service departments of the library.

“I have a passion and vision for what we can do with the library and that is to play an essential role in the success of all our constituents — faculty, staff and especially students, and even the outside community,” Burhanna says.  “We hope that in the future, students leave with an experience about the library that was important to their success.”
As the new assistant dean, Burhanna will also take on a number of important responsibilities, such as directing and collaborating with the major functional units and service programs within University Libraries, formulating and implementing new library policies, strategic planning and the design and development of new services.

Burhanna says he hopes to help University Libraries manage a “dramatic time of change,” which includes budgetary changes, pressures on making resources more accessible to the public and innovating with new services to help meet university strategic plans and goals.  One way he hopes to manage change is to help people realize “the University Library itself is a place for engagement and experience.”

“I believe in Kent State and I believe in the libraries,” Burhanna says.  “My chief goal is to make students, faculty, staff and the community aware of the great services and resources we provide.”

POSTED: Monday, April 22, 2013 - 12:00am
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