Kent State Board of Trustees Approves New Collective Bargaining Agreement Covering Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

The Kent State University Board of Trustees on Wednesday unanimously approved a new collective bargaining agreement with the Kent State Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP-KSU), which represents tenured and tenure-track faculty. The agreement (including a memorandum of understanding for the 2018-19 year) covers a four-year period from Aug. 19, 2018, through Aug. 18, 2022.
Members of the faculty union previously ratified the agreement during voting that took place June 5-9.
The new agreement grants the union salary increases of 2%, retroactive to Aug. 19, 2018, under the memorandum of understanding, and across-the-board increases of 2.5% in academic year 2019-20, and 2% in academic years 2020-21 and 2021-22. A merit pool contribution of 2% will be effective in the final year of the agreement.
Other terms of the agreement include: a $1,000 increase in the increment awarded to faculty upon promotion from assistant professor to associate professor; a pool of $210,000 for President’s Faculty Excellence Awards over the life of the agreement; and the offering of preferred provider organization (PPO) and high-deductible health plan options for the membership. 
Board Sets Fall Tuition Rates, Increases Scholarships
The Board of Trustees approved tuition rates for the upcoming 2019-20 academic year, which includes a four-year tuition guarantee for the incoming in-state freshman class. In addition, a $2 million increase in Kent State scholarships and grants for students with financial need also was approved. With proposed funding increases in the state budget, along with potential increases in some state and federal grants, the new tuition rates would be financially neutral for many undergraduate students.
President-elect Todd Diacon stressed the importance of balancing affordability with excellence to assure students get a return on their investment in a Kent State degree. “We continue to balance access and affordability with our mission to provide a world-class education,” Diacon said. “That is foundational to our Students First commitment.”
Proposed rates for incoming in-state freshmen will increase by approximately $185 per semester, an average of about 3.5% annually. Under Kent State’s Tuition Guarantee, tuition, room and board for these students will remain constant for the next four years. Tuition for students who are not part of the Tuition Guarantee program will increase 2%. All proposed rates approved by the Board are subject to authorization provided in House Bill 166 and the governor’s approval of the Ohio state budget.
To offset the impact of tuition changes for Kent State students, the university is increasing its financial aid pool by up to $2 million for additional grants and aid, which will be made available for the 2019 Fall Semester.
“This Board’s and this university’s primary responsibility is to our students, and maintaining the affordability of college is a critical aspect of that responsibility,” said Shawn Riley, vice chairman of the Kent State Board of Trustees. “Strategic investments in outstanding programs, dynamic learning environments and real-world student experiences all contribute to a high-value education and a promising future for Kent State students. By providing scholarships and support services to those students with need, we remain committed to keeping a college education within reach for all Ohioans.”
Tuition and fees for in-state freshmen starting fall 2019 can be viewed in the “at a glance” table here. Detailed information on tuition rates for all students will be posted on the Kent State website once the Ohio state budget is finalized. Students and parents will be contacted directly with specific information about their tuition bills for fall 2019. 

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