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Kent State Connects Blog: About Books, Weight Loss and IRAs

Good Reads: My Top Five Books

Good Reads: My Top Five Books

Effie Tsengas, communications and marketing director for the College of the Arts, writes about her top five books on the Kent State Connects blog. Tsengas invites you to share some of your favorite books on the blog.

“After nearly 13 years of belonging to the most extraordinary book group anyone can imagine, I have had the great fortune of reading some amazing fiction. Paring it down to even my top 20 was a challenge, but after revisiting my list of books, here are my top five books by contemporary authors…”

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Food Fools Update – Fat Tuesday and Chocolate Hearts – The Double Whammy!

Emily Myers, special assistant in the Office of the Provost, writes about managing eating habits to maintain a healthy weight.

“Reportedly Fat Tuesday is a day when people can eat and drink whatever they want knowing that with Ash Wednesday the next day, a period of fasting for Christians begins.  From the perspective of someone trying to manage eating habits this could be a day of grave consequences.  Pair that up with Valentine’s Day in the same week and it just spells disaster.”

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Remember to Make Your 2012 IRA Contributions by April 15

Erik Zemljic, instructor in the Department of Economics, offers tips about IRAs.

“For good reason, IRAs (individual investment accounts) rank among the most popular tax-sheltered retirement savings vehicles available to U.S. taxpayers.  If purchased outside of a tax-sheltered vehicle, dividend and interest income earned on assets such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds can lead to substantial tax bills each year, even if the proceeds are reinvested.”

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