Kent State Continues Blue and Gold Pride Days Tradition

Tradition to Show Your Kent State Spirit Returns

Blue and Gold Pride Days are back at Kent State University! Kent State faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of the university are encouraged to promote university spirit and pride by wearing blue and gold colors.

Kent State introduced Blue and Gold Pride Days last fall as a way to unite members of the university community and promote Kent State pride. The tradition continues at Kent State this fall, beginning Friday, Sept. 4, which happens to be College Colors Day, and continues through the school year.

It’s About Kent State Pride

For Amanda Bevington, a Kent State communication studies senior, participating in Blue and Gold Pride Days offers the opportunity to show off school pride.

“Blue and Gold lets my appreciation and love for the greatest place on earth shine through!” Bevington said. “I believe it lets people know that you are doing more than just ‘being here,’ you are here because you love it and you want to be, and you are enthusiastic about it.”

She also encourages members of the Kent State community to wear their blue and gold colors on their campus Blue and Gold Pride Days. Campuses and their Blue and Gold Pride Days are:

Ashtabula Campus – Thursday

East Liverpool Campus – Monday

Geauga Campus and the Regional Academic Center – Wednesday

Kent Campus and College of Podiatric Medicine – Friday

Salem Campus – Monday

Stark Campus – Thursday

Trumbull Campus – Thursday

Tuscarawas Campus – Thursday

“It is important for students, faculty and staff to participate in Blue and Gold Pride Days because being a part of the Kent State family is a privilege, and this creates a day on campus where we can all come together as one and be proud of the place we call home!” she said. “It is important to show off how proud you are to be a part of the Kent State community because not everyone has that amazing opportunity.”

Share Your Blue and Gold Pride Days Photos

On the Kent Campus, share photos on social media of you and your colleagues, friends or family wearing blue and gold on Fridays, and use #BlueAndGoldFriday to increase awareness of Kent State’s Blue and Gold Pride Days tradition.

“Tweet & Seek” for Kent State Students

Registered Kent State students will have the chance to win Kent State gear and show their Kent State spirit by participating in #BlueAndGoldFriday “Tweet & Seek.” Participants should look out for the blue and gold “Tweet & Seek” set of images on @CSIKent, the Twitter account for Kent State’s Center for Student Involvement. 

#BlueAndGoldFriday graphics will be hidden in various locations on the Kent Campus. The @CSIKent Twitter account will tweet an image of the graphic in its designated location on campus. Participants will be encouraged to race to grab the graphic and turn it in at the Center for Student Involvement office (Room 226 at the Kent Student Center) to collect their prize!

Read more about Kent State's Center for Student Involvement

POSTED: Monday, August 31, 2015 03:39 PM
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