Kent State Students Participate in Fire Safety Training

Kent State University students participate in the Campus Fire Safety Ambassador Program offered by the State Fire Academy in Columbus, Ohio.Kent State University student security workers participated in a pilot Campus Fire Safety Ambassador Program offered by the State Fire Academy in Columbus, Ohio.

Kent State was the first university to participate in the program, which included training on using fire extinguishers, finding a way out through smoke-filled rooms, climbing down a fire truck’s ladder from a third-story window and developing an escape plan in case of an emergency.

The students had an hour of classroom instruction, followed by hands-on training, educating them about the dangers of fire and the need for quick response without panic.

“The training was a life-saving experience for the students. They respect fire a lot more now,” says Edward Moisio, fire prevention and safety coordinator for Kent State’s Fire Safety Services. “It was outside-of-the-box training and an eye opener for them. They now know how quickly fire develops and how to deal with it without panic.”

“It [the training] taught my staff to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to fire safety. The instructors emphasized the importance of taking precautionary measures throughout the workshops,” says Carlos Mojica, security supervisor for Kent State’s Residence Services. “Perhaps more important is the fact that although the fire safety elements revolved around how to keep a university campus safe, these are skills that can be applied anywhere.”

The students experienced how quickly fire spreads from a waste paper basket to the entire room and how it reaches more than thousands of degrees in just a few minutes.

“I learned a lot about the fires and safety tactics from top-of-the-line instructors,” saysJeffrey Ward, Kent State student and supervisor with Residence Services. “The equipment used in the training was realistic, and I feel more prepared for possible situations that could arise in the residence halls.”

“It was a great learning experience and should be mandatory for anyone who works in any kind of safety position where fire can be a risk,” says David Rodenbaugh, Kent State student and area advisor for Residence Services.

“We understand that fire equipment is useless if it is not used properly. With classroom learning and hands-on training, we are now even more prepared to handle a fire, if the situation occurred,” says Andrew Synder, Kent State student and field training aide with Residence Services. “The biggest part of this project did not end at the end of our day in Columbus. As certified fire safety ambassadors, we promised to bring the knowledge and skills back to Kent State and teach safe practices to residents around campus.”

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POSTED: Monday, November 4, 2013 12:00 AM
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