Kent State University Commemorates Safety Day

From left, "After the Fire" speakers Shawn Simons and Alvaro Llanos, and Brian Hellwig, Kent State assistant director of residential safety and security, stand outside the Kent Student Center Kiva after the commemorative presentation. (Photo Credit: Rachel Purget)Kent State University and the city of Kent collaborated to commemorate Safety Day last month in front of Kent State's Memorial Athletic and Convocation Center to provide students with safety information in the form of pamphlets, discussions and demonstrations.

The city of Kent Fire Department, the city of Kent Police K-9 Unit, Kent State Fire Safety Services, the Kent State Police Department, the Ohio Department of Transportation, Kent State Resident Services and others participated in the event.

The Ohio Department of Transportation gave the students an eye-opening experience with a demonstration of the effects of texting while driving and drinking, and driving through simulators.

“It was an eye opener for them to see how a little alcohol can affect their reaction,” says Edward Moisio, fire prevention and safety coordinator for Kent State’s Fire Safety Services. “Students also realized they could not text and drive.”

The Kent State Police also showed students the effects drinking has on their vision by making them play cornhole while wearing goggles with lenses that affect their vision, comparable to that of a drunken driver.

Kent State Residence Services hosted a discussion in the Kent Student Center Kiva about being respectful toward fire accident victims. Shawn Simons and Alvaro Llanos, victims of a fire at Seton Hall University in New Jersey, taught the audience the importance of sensitivity toward victims with an altered appearance.

Police and fire fighters mingled with students and gave out information about their services and reinforced the message that they are available to help protect students.

For more information about Kent State’s Fire Safety Services, visit

POSTED: Monday, October 21, 2013 12:00 AM
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