Marking Suicide Prevention Week and Remembering 9/11

On the Kent State Connects faculty and staff blog, Associate Professor of Psychology Joel Hughes writes about suicide prevention to mark Suicide Prevention Week, and Video Production Supervisor Jon Jivan offers a soldier’s recollection of 9/11.

Kent State employees share their thoughts about a variety of topics on the Kent State Connects blogOn the Kent State Connects faculty and staff blog, Associate Professor of Psychology Joel Hughes writes about suicide prevention to mark Suicide Prevention Week, and Video Production Supervisor Jon Jivan offers a soldier’s recollection of 9/11.

Hughes’ first exposure to suicide was as a 12-year-old boy, and he writes that suicide is often preventable:

“Probably all of us have encountered suicide throughout our lives. According to NIMH, about 30,000 Americans commit suicide every year… My first exposure was as a boy, when my father’s fishing buddy killed himself in his backyard with a shotgun. My dad was enraged that nobody referred him for professional help, even though a couple people knew how depressed this man had been after his wife’s death from cancer. Although I was maybe 12, my dad censored no detail, and I never forgot his point: suicide is often preventable.”

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This week, Americans will remember the sad events that happened 11 years ago on Sept. 11. Jivan was completing basic military training on that fateful day and writes about his experience:

“With my basic military training officially coming to a close, I had been pushed further and harder than my 18-year-old self could have ever imagined. Tears overwhelmed me while the drill sergeants raised the flag. It felt cheesy, but it was true; I was ‘proud to be an American.’ The day was Sept. 10, 2001.”

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