Meet the Kent State Class of 2024

More than 21,200 people applied to be part of Kent State’s Class of 2024, and 3,819 are now members of the Golden Flash family.

Who are they, and where do they come from?

Three of every 10 students in the Kent State Class of 2024 are the first in their families to attend college, and combined, they hail from 39 states outside of Ohio and from the District of Columbia. The class also includes 65 international students arriving from 25 countries.

This strong Kent Campus freshman class boasts an all-time high average GPA of 3.49, and an average ACT of 23.1, and the number of underrepresented students has increased to one of every six students in the class.

Numbers aside, this incoming class arrives with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds.



3,819Enrolled Freshmen
929Transfer Students
1,238First Generation

Meet Gwen Reed

Gwen Reed stands in front of a welcome sign on the Kent State campus.

Gwen Reed learned to love ASL in high school.


American Sign Language/English Interpreting (ASEI) & ASL Education Double Major

Gwen Reed, American Sign Language/English Interpreting (ASEI) and ASL Education double major, came to Kent State from Toano, VA, but was actually adopted from China as a child.

She chose ASEI as her major because she loves ASL as a language and was able to watch an interpreter at her high school, which inspired her to pursue interpreting as a career. She hopes to be able to improve on her ASL skills during her undergraduate experience and after graduation hopes to be able to interpret for music events. 



62%Northeast Ohio
3,039Ohio Residents

Meet Christopher Rodriguez

Christopher Rodriguez smiles on campus next to an I heart Kent State sign.

Christopher Rodriguez aspires to become an educator.

Integrated Mathematics Major

Christopher Rodriguez, Integrated Mathematics major, is excited to be living on campus as a part of his first year at Kent State University. Growing up in nearby Cleveland, Ohio, he chose Kent State because he wanted something new in his life.

“I chose to major in Integrated Mathematics in hopes of one day becoming an educator," Rodriguez said. "I aim to not only become a tutor for those students who are struggling, but to also continue my journey to personal and professional development.”



3.49Avg. GPA
516Honors College

Meet Heather Eller

Heather Eller looks up at a stage during a concert.

Heather Eller is on the career path to become a concert photographer.

Photography & Journalism Major

Love of music is what Heather Eller from South Dakota says ignited her passion for photography when she was 14. As a young teen, she honed her photo skills by taking pictures of live musical performances and is now majoring in photography and journalism as she ultimately wants to work as a photojournalist in the music industry.

Eller has already started down her career path by working for a concert photography publication and even had the opportunity to photograph a concert by one of her favorite artists, Motionless in White, in 2018 as an official press photographer. She is enjoying Kent State and thinks her classes are really interesting.

“I chose Kent because of what people were accomplishing both during and after college,” Eller said.



39States Outside Ohio represented
65International Students
25Countries Represented

Meet Andrew Aronoff

Andrew Aronoff sits on colorful steps.

As a freshman, Andrew Aronoff is working at TV2.

Digital & Media Production Major

A freshman from Mason, Ohio, Andrew Aronoff took a high school class called Integrated Media Internship (IMI), a course that taught him how to produce promotional and game-day videos covering his high school’s sports programs. With the assistance of the local cable regulatory commission (ICRC), Aronoff was able to join their traveling TV production truck and gain real-life experience in operating broadcast cameras, performing technical responsibilities and directing television programming.

Through the four years he spent working for ICRCTV he worked his way up to create an entire program of more than 30 media students working on ICRCTV projects.

Now a digital and media production major, Andrew is already working hands-on with student-run TV2.

“I'm so happy that I picked the right choice and can't wait to see what else I can do in my years here," Aronoff said. "The amount of technology and opportunities Kent gives you is immense and is one of the main reasons I chose Kent. They make you feel like you belong and are not just another number. Kent State's media program is top notch!”


Top 3 Enrolled Colleges

883Enrolled in Arts & Sciences
486Enrolled in College of the Arts
457Enrolled in Education, Health and Human Services

Meet Divine Asante

Divine Asante stands in front of a Kent State University airplane.

Divine Asante is an aeronautics major who hopes to become a pilot.

Aeronautics Major

It took a 10,000-mile round-trip journey and four years of living in a poor village in Ghana (Africa) to help transform New York native Divine Asante, now a freshman aeronautics major and Oscar Ritchie Scholar, to follow his aspiration to one day be an airline pilot. 

At 11, his parents sent him to Ghana to live with his grandparents due to his behavioral problems. 

“My parents were kind of tired of me,” Asante said. “So, they decided to take me to Africa because things there are a little stricter compared to things in America. It was a good experience overall. I got to learn more about my culture, and I met some great people and have some great memories. I learned more about myself, and I changed and grew as a person. I became a little more humbled and appreciated things a little more.” 

Asante said it was an eye-opening experience for him. Not only was the food and environment quite different (he had experiences with snakes, scorpions and lions), but school was very different in Ghana. 

“If you don’t do your homework and you end up turning it in late or not at all, the teachers will whip you,” Asante said. “They take out their cane and they just beat you. It’s crazy. It was a scary experience, especially for someone like me who is not used to that kind of discipline.”

Asante said he came to Kent State because it was affordable and the right distance from his parents' current home in Cincinnati.  

Though he struggles, like most freshmen do, with the adjustments to college life (workload, time management, sleep deprivation), Asante said his experience has been fairly good so far. When he’s not studying, he enjoys playing basketball, working out at the rec center, participating in bible studies with NEO Impact and pursuing his passions in art. 

“My favorite class so far is psychology because (of) how the human brain works, and human behavior is pretty interesting,” Asante said. 

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