National Food Safety Education Month, Fall Fashion Trends and More | Kent State University

National Food Safety Education Month, Fall Fashion Trends and More

National Food Safety Education Month, Fall Fashion Trends and More

Michael Fiala, executive chef for the Schwebel Room at Kent State, blogs about National Food Safety Education Month this September. Fiala says:

“The reality is that, as consumers, we need to be more aware of where and how our food is sourced, stored, prepared and preserved. Also, as we prepare food for others, we must give full honor to the notion that the people we are about to feed are putting all of their faith and trust in our ability to nourish them safely.”

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Decision Time
Bob Burford, marketing/external relations coordinator with University Communications and Marketing and weekend announcer at WKSU, continues his story about his weight loss journey. Burford says: 

“After attending a seminar on surgical options for weight loss at Summa last September, I did some research of my own. Everything I learned confirmed the cold hard truth of what I learned at the seminar: While it’s certainly possible to lose significant amounts of weight by dieting and exercise, the statistics for someone like me (a 6-foot-1-inch tall, 55-year-old male, weighing nearly 400 pounds) were quite grim.

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Fall Fashion Trends
Young Kim, interim director, NYC Studio, and lecturer, School of Fashion Design and Merchandising, writes about fall fashion trends for men, women and children. Kim says:

“This fall, red is the new black, and the runways featured everything from oxblood red to bright corals.  If you hesitate to wear one of these shades from head to toe, pair one red garment with neutral pieces for a pop of color.”

Visit tomorrow (Sept. 18) to read more fashion trends from Kim’s blog post.

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