Are You Bold Enough?

Share Your Thoughts on Kent State’s Future

Are you bold enough to push Kent State University to even greater heights? 

The university community is looking to “… identify our collective insights and commitment to developing a shared vision — one that reflects with bold clarity our unique distinctiveness as a university,” said Beverly Warren, Kent State president.

Warren’s goal of drafting a vision, values and university priorities by May invites additional input from the community. 

Lee Fox-Cardamone, faculty senate president and an associate professor of psychology at Kent State University at Stark, believes developing a bold vision begins with embracing what already makes Kent State distinctive.

In her 21 years in the classroom at Kent State, Fox-Cardamone says she has seen how the university changes lives with core values of caring faculty combined with aspirational support for student success.

“We have students who could have gone anywhere, and we also have a whole group of students who are first-generation college students for their families,” Fox-Cardamone said. “So we take them, and sometimes they’re struggling. We help them find success, and to me that is the American Dream. These kids will have better lives and will make their communities better because of what Kent State can do for them, and to me that’s a win-win.

“College is about discovery,” she continued. “The grade means nothing if there’s nothing to back it up. We let people dream and come to the realization of what they were meant to be.”

P.J. Kimmel, a Kent State junior finance major, believes the best opportunities to be bold at Kent State lie directly with faculty who interact with students each day. He notes the caring nature many have shown in his personal development. 

“Although many universities would agree that students come first, Kent State offers some of the most personable, down-to-earth professors who are world-class educators and advisors,” Kimmel said. “Our bold vision stretches across all campuses, and our professors’ selflessness and expertise are bold. I would sincerely argue that you would not find that at every university.”

Kimmel pointed to two experiences as solid examples of the impact of being bold. First were a pair of spring break trips he took with Kent State to serve people living in poor areas of the country, and second is an internship with a Fortune 200 Company that the university helped him secure during his sophomore year. 

“From my personal stories, my point is that Kent State offers students countless opportunities to interact with our town, our state, our country and our world,” Kimmel said. 

So what opportunities do you see for Kent State to be bold?  

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POSTED: Monday, April 13, 2015 10:31 AM
Updated: Thursday, December 8, 2022 12:18 PM
Eric Mansfield