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Scholar of the Month

Scholar of the Month
Ran R. Barniv
Professor of Accounting
College of Business Administration

Ran Barniv’s research and teaching interests are in financial accounting and international accounting with a focus on regulation of corporations and capital markets, and financial analyst performance. His research on accounting standards and the effects of regulation on capital markets earned him national recognition. Barniv’s findings indicate that regulations of crises and capital markets have some positive effects on accounting standard setters, corporations, financial analysts and investors. In 2011, he received the Kent State University Distinguished Scholar Award.

Focusing on quality, Barniv has published more than 50 articles including many in the top 10 (out of 350) accounting journals. He has published eight single-author articles including a feature article in The Accounting Review (the leading accounting journal). He published two or more articles in each of the following top journals: The Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research (CAR), Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, and the Journal of Business Finance and Accounting.

He also published nine articles in: The Journal of American Taxation Association (the leading tax journal), the Journal of International Accounting Auditing & Taxation, and the Journal of Risk and Insurance.  He was honored with the American Risk and Insurance Association’s Robert I. Mehr Research Award for the manuscript that had the most significant impact on the discipline from 1992 to 2002.

Barniv has taught at Kent State for 23 years. He received his undergraduate degree in economics and statistics, holds an M.B.A. in accounting and finance and a Ph.D. in business from Ohio State University. Prior to his doctoral studies, Barniv worked for seven years in industry, serving as a director of budget and planning, controller and interim CFO. 

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About Kent State’s Scholar of the Month

Kent State’s Scholar of the Month recognizes faculty researchers and scholars whose recent work has had an important impact on their professional fields and has brought exposure and notoriety to the university. Each month, a different college will have the opportunity to nominate a researcher/scholar for this recognition. There is also a month when a Regional Campuses faculty member will be featured.

The selection process is in the hands of the dean and his or her colleagues and faculty. Hence, this is recognition by the person’s college colleagues that is then taken up by the university. The deans communicate the person’s name to the Division of Research and Sponsored Programs for recognition as Scholar of the Month.

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