Kent State Team Competes in 2019 Air Race Classic


Kenzie Alge, a Kent State University certified flight instructor and 2019 graduate, and Alex Johnson, a Kent State junior flight technology student, make up the Kent State team competing in the 2019 Air Race Classic that starts June 18 in Jackson, Tennessee. The team will fly a Cessna 172 S Model using Garmin navigation.

Alex Johnson (left) and Kenzie Alge (right) make up the Kent State University team competing in the 2019 Air Race Classic.


The all-female air race route is selected to present challenges and to provide a variety of learning opportunities for racers, yet be within the endurance range of the slowest airplanes. Racers will experience changes in terrain, weather, winds and airspace as they fly more than 2,500 miles over four days.


“I’m really excited for this year’s race, my second year racing,” Ms. Alge said. “I’m hoping to complete all legs of the race and that this year goes more smoothly.”


Inclement weather prevented 2018 racers from completing six of the nine legs of the race. This year’s race route keeps Kent State racers less than 400 miles from home base at all times.


“I’m eager to gain the experience and confidence that comes with making decisions as a team,” Ms. Johnson said. “Fuel burn, timing and weather patterns allow less experienced pilots to learn while flying outside of their typical patterns.”


During the race, the Air Race Classic homepage will be revised so that everyone can follow the racers as they make their way along the race’s course. You will be able to see where Kent State’s team is at all points in the race.


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POSTED: Friday, June 14, 2019 - 4:10pm
UPDATED: Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 1:33pm
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