Movers and Groovers Helped New and Returning Students Move Into Residence Halls

More than 1,100 volunteers from the Kent State University community welcomed and assisted new students as they moved into their residence halls on freshman move-in day, Sunday, Aug. 19. The annual service program, known as Movers and Groovers, is coordinated by Kent Interhall Council, the student government of the Kent Campus residence halls.

New this year, Movers and Groovers also assisted returning students as they moved into their residence halls on Monday, Aug. 20. The volunteers help to make the move-in process less stressful for students and their families.

“Movers and Groovers is such a great way to welcome our students," said Jill Jenkins, executive director of Residence Services at Kent State. “Kent Interhall Council is the group responsible for the student-run and organized program. Volunteers include fraternities and sororities, campus ministry groups, academic groups and university departments. For fall 2018, Kent Interhall Council students have taken the program to new heights! They scheduled their volunteers to cover first-year student move-in on Sunday, Aug. 19, as well as our returning student move-in on Monday, Aug. 20! Move-in truly takes a village, and Movers and Groovers is one way Kent Interhall Council makes our students feel welcome.”

The Movers and Groovers program is part of Kent State’s KSU Kickoff, an orientation program that ran for four days prior to the start of fall classes. KSU Kickoff included activities and events to encourage students to explore the Kent State community and provides a smooth transition to the university environment.

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UPDATED: Sunday, June 16, 2024 07:56 AM
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