WKSU Named Best Radio News Operation in Ohio

WKSU reporters have won nine awards in the Ohio’s Best Journalism Contest, sponsored by the Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus chapters of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). The competition recognized station staff for work created in 2016. Highlights of WKSU honors include Best Radio News Operation in Ohio and Best Radio Reporter in Ohio for M.L. Schultze, who submitted a selection of her Election 2016 coverage.

Each category winner was judged on multiple examples of work. Awards will be presented on Aug. 26 at a ceremony at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.

Since the addition of broadcast categories in 1998, WKSU has been recognized with more Ohio SPJ awards than any other radio news outlet. WKSU competes in the Ohio SPJ contest with radio stations and journalists from media markets throughout Ohio and stations broadcasting to Ohio from surrounding states.

WKSU winners in the 2017 Ohio’s Best Journalism Contest are:

  • Best of Show – Best News Operation in Ohio-Radio, Staff.
    • The judges said: “WKSU News continues to act in the interest, convenience and the necessity of the public with professionalism, humility, appropriate storytelling and solid production in all three phases. Kudus to the WKSU News Division in continuing to honor the legitimate representation of the standard of the craft of news.”
  • Best of Show – Best Reporter in Ohio-Radio, Reporter/Producer M.L. Schultze.
    • The judges said: “M.L. Schultze's reporting is executed with precision, research and effective packaging. Her ability to place an image in the mind of listener is as strong as her unwavering unbiased approach in her reporting. M.L. possesses poise, pacing and delivers the story for the listener. Congratulations, M.L.”
  • Best of Show – Best Anchor in Ohio-Radio, Host/Producer Amanda Rabinowitz.
    • The judges said: “Amanda Rabinowitz delivers with authority that keeps the listener engaged, and is attentive to the needs of her listeners and her guests. Amanda is well-informed and demonstrates that quality with a steady pace and warm tone. Congratulations on this award that is well-deserved.”
  • First Place – Best Consumer Reporting, Reporter/Producers Tim Rudell, Kabir Bhatia and Kevin Niedermier for the three-part series “Grounded: The De-hubbing of the Region’s Airports.”
  • First Place – Best Environment Reporting, Reporter/Producer Jeff St. Clair for three Exploradio segments.
    • The judges said: “Exploradio: An Adventure in Audio! Fun and informative environmental reporting.”
  • First Place – Best General Assignment Reporting, Niedermier for two reports surrounding the Republican National Convention and a story on the crushing end of the Cleveland Indians’ World Series.
  • First Place – Best Healthcare Feature Reporting, Schultze, Rabinowitz and Reporter/Producer Vivian Goodman for the final three installments in the series “The Business of Health.”
  • First Place – Best Sports Reporting, Rudell, Bhatia and Niedermier for regional reporting following the Cleveland Cavaliers’ national championship win.
  • Second Place – Best Medical/Health Reporting, St. Clair for three medical and research-centered Exploradio reports.

WKSU is an award-winning public radio station and service of Kent State University that broadcasts to 22 counties in Northeast Ohio from the station’s primary signal at 89.7. WKSU content also can be heard over WKRW 89.3 (Wooster), WKRJ 91.5 (Dover/New Philadelphia), WKSV 89.1 (Thompson), WNRK 90.7 (Norwalk), W239AZ 95.7 (Ashland) and W234CX 94.7 (Mansfield). The station adds WKSU-2 Folk Alley, WKSU-3 The Classical Channel and WKSU-4 The News Channel over HD Radio and as streaming audio at www.wksu.org.

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POSTED: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 4:10pm
UPDATED: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 - 3:53pm
Ann VerWiebe