Note Concerning the Placeholder Banner


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Note Concerning the Placeholder Banner

Note: Creating a course banner using this tutorial only applies if you have built your course using the Design to Teach template. If you did not use the Design to Teach template, the following steps will not work for you.

An example placeholder banner has been provided for you as part of the Design to Teach template. For your course, you will want to create a banner that contains all the important and required information for students taking your course. The following tutorial will show you how to create and upload a new course banner to your online course in Blackboard Learn.

Note: CSS Footer - Must Be In The Course

Please note that in order for the course banner to function correctly, an item must be properly located in your course that looks like what is pictured in the screen shot below. This item is already in place in the Design To Teach template and therefore should be in place and functioning correctly in a course that has used the Design To Teach template. However, if you try to add this banner to a different course not based on this template, you will likely not be successful.

Step 1. Download the PowerPoint banner template file located on the online learning website

The course banner is an image file that must first be created, then uploaded to your Blackboard Learn course. A template to help create the banner image has been provided and is located on the Build Section of the Design to Teach Framework.

Step 2. Open the Downloaded PowerPoint File in Order to Create a Banner Image for Your Course

Open the downloaded file in PowerPoint. Follow the directions on the template to edit the banner for your course and save the image to your computer.

Step 3. Locate the Teaching Styles Settings in the Control Panel

Blackboard Learn will only display the course banner on the Entry Point Page of the course. You can set both the Entry Page, and upload an image file for your banner using the Teaching Style settings in the Customization section of the Control Panel (see Step 3 below).

Step 4. Upload Your Personalized Banner to Your Blackboard Course

The Entry Point Page is the default page users will be taken to when they enter the course. The Design to Teach template uses the Home page as the course entry point by default.

In the Teaching Style Page under Section 6 (pictured below), check the box to remove the placeholder banner. Then, use the Browse My Computer button to locate the banner image file you just created.

Step 5. Submit to Save Your Changes

Your course banner will now show you on the course entry page.