Sunday, March 1 at 7:10 a.m. EST


The following email was sent to Kent State University Florence students:

Cari ragazzi,

Please read carefully all the following information regarding your departure.


As soon as you receive it, check your flight ticket and make sure you know all details in advance (time, place, kg you can carry on without extra fees, etc.).

There will be no group flights and no chaperones on the way back. Also taxi rides will be at your expenses.


The Amerigo Vespucci Florence Airport opens up at 4:30 a.m.


There are two companies in Florence:

Book it on the day before: In order to book a taxi in advance, it would be preferable to use your Italian cellphone.

You may call it only when you are ready to leave, but sometimes taxis are difficult to reach.

If the taxi doesn’t come, you can:

Transfer from the center to the airport costs around 27 € + 1€ for a luggage (per ride).


Check the itinerary:

And the timetables:

On buses and trams, you can travel only by purchasing tickets in advance (before getting on the bus or tram) from authorized sales points (bars, tobacconists and newsagents), from the ATAF hall, which is inside the SMN train station, or from the automatic machines, which are at every tram stop. Tickets must be immediately punched in the machines, as you get on board.

A 90-minutes ticket costs € 1.50. You can also buy a 90' ticket by sending an SMS (text: ATAF) to this number 4880105 (only for Italian SIM card). It costs € 1.80. Get on board only after receiving the answer via SMS.


"Volainbus - navetta aeroporto"

For further info: Volantino Volainbus

One-way ticket costs 6€


Please don’t forget to return your access cards to Simone (office on the ground floor of Palazzo Vettori). You will get your 10 € deposit back!

Also return cutting mats, locker keys and sewing machine bobbins, you will get deposits back!

Simone will be in his office today, SUNDAY, MARCH 1, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Tomorrow and next week, he will be in the office in his usual office hours (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).


If you have any books that you checked out from the library, please return them.

Damage to or loss of material must be reported to the library. Borrowers are responsible for the cost of replacement of material if it is lost or damaged beyond repair. If the item can be repaired, there are various fees for types of damage. In many circumstances, the borrower may replace an item in lieu of a replacement fee. In such cases, the replacement copy must be the same title and author of the material that was lost or damaged beyond repair. The replacement must not be an older edition, and library staff reserve the right to refuse unsuitable replacements offered. For our newer materials, we charge the purchase price for the item lost.


When leaving your apartment, please remember to:

  • Empty the fridge.
  • Throw away all the empty bottles.
  • Throw away all the garbage.
  • Leave all the keys of your apartment in an envelope/plastic bag with your name on the kitchen table.

Please make sure you leave your apartments as tidy and well organized as possible (furniture in its original setting).

If you have questions or need further assistance, please write me back or come to see me, Melania, Petra, Giorgio or Simone.

Take care and safe travels,

Alessia Fanfani
Donor Outreach Manager and Student Advisor