University Statement on Student Organization’s Planned Rally

Kent State University has notified Liberty Hangout, a registered student organization, that its request to host a Second Amendment rally on Saturday, Sept. 29, on Risman Plaza has been approved with the following guidelines:

  • A request for the event’s speakers to use the Kent Student Center Kiva auditorium cannot be accommodated. As an event space, that venue must be reserved four weeks in advance, per university policies and procedures.
  • Following an event review process that routinely occurs for major events, Liberty Hangout was notified that the organization must pay for costs to secure the safety of students and participants in Risman Plaza during the scheduled time of the event. This is consistent with policy and practice for previous student events, including concerts and rallies hosted by other student organizations that were required to cover security costs.
  • Since the event is sponsored by a student organization, all participants must adhere to policies for student activities, specifically the university policy regarding deadly weapons. This means that no one may carry guns or weapons on Risman Plaza during the event. 

All event organizers must comply with the applicable university policies in order to hold a rally. To be clear, these policies apply to all Kent State event organizers. 

The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors are our top priorities.

Kent State upholds the right to free speech and freedom of expression for all, and values respectful dialogue from all points of view. Consistent with our core values, we encourage open dialogue, freedom of expression and respectful discourse in an inclusive environment.