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Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 2:32pm
Approximately 13,500 years after nomadic Clovis hunters crossed the frozen land bridge from Asia to North America, researchers are still asking questions and putting together clues as to how they not only survived in a new landscape with unique new challenges but adapted with sto...
Monday, April 3, 2017 - 11:46am
Alison Smith will become the new dean of Kent State University’s Honors College, effective July 1. Smith currently serves as the acting chair in Kent State’s Department of Geolo...
Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 4:11pm
Kent State professor uses a $215,000 National Science Foundation grant to analyze weapons technology dating back 11,000 to 12,000 years.
Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 10:39am
Kent State's Gemma Casadesus Smith is studying why women are more likely to develop Alzheimer's. 
Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 9:10am
Weighing in at barely 100 pounds, Brooke Mullins summoned every ounce of strength she had, and even more she didn’t. Her muscles were shaking; her mind – exhausted. The Kent State University junior had one last shot at overcoming the most grueling portion of a physical exam. If s...
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 3:43pm
UPDATE 4/26/17 - The public lecture by Don Witkowski that was scheduled for April 28 at noon has been canceled. Read more here. Kent State University’s School of Fashion Design and Merchandising has named Don Witkowski, a Kent State alumnus and presiden...
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 8:29am
It all comes down to a fraction of a second. Who can push off the block first? Who can jump the highest? Who will cross the finish line ahead of everyone else? In the end, speed is the ultimate winner – it can separate the good from the great.
Monday, March 27, 2017 - 4:13pm
A Kent State alumna joins "The Amazing Race" team to compete for $1 million on CBS.
Monday, March 27, 2017 - 2:58pm
According to the American Cancer Society, there will be an estimated 1,688,780 new cancer cases diagnosed and 600,920 cancer deaths in the U.S. in 2017. These numbers are stark and sobering, and worse yet, we still do not know exactly why cancer develops in its victims or how to...