Attend Strategic Visioning Town Hall Meeting Thursday

How do you believe being bold at Kent State University looks when put in action? 

Melody Tankersley believes the campus community is on the right track.

“The comments we’ve received so far have generated excellent examples of our strengths, our opportunities and our aspirations,” said Tankersley, associate provost for academic affairs at Kent State. “With those great suggestions, we’re also finding great motivation to see these ideas take shape and to share the good news of what’s happening every day here at Kent State. I believe our collective commitment to students, knowledge and transformation provides us the courage to go beyond our comfort zone and to actually suggest bold ideas for our future.”

Tankersley and Char Reed, vice president and university secretary, serve as co-chairs of Kent State’s Strategic Vision Advisory Committee.

The committee is currently reviewing submissions to the BeBoldKSU initiative, which asks the university community for bold input and ideas to proactively share Kent State’s unique story.

“We’ve asked for input from every individual at Kent State, and we’re getting outstanding suggestions, especially from students and those who work directly with students each day,” Tankersley said.

“Your submissions are helping shape and reinforce findings of the committee as it prepares to report to the community,” said Beverly Warren, Kent State president. “This is a check-in point, not an endpoint, to our work together. With assistance of an external consultant and with the active involvement of many across our campuses, the team has taken a deep dive into the heart of Kent State — especially its strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results.”

In a town hall format, the Strategic Vision Advisory Committee will share its initial findings and thinking on Thursday, May 7, at 3 p.m. in the Westfield Insurance Campus Tour Center, located in the Kent Student Center, Room 204. All are invited to attend.

Warren has set a goal of drafting vision, values and university priorities by May with additional input from the community. 

So what opportunities do you see for Kent State to be bold in the future?  

Please get involved and visit Email your thoughts on the university’s bold vision for the future to and use #BeBoldKSU on social media.