Centennial Squirrel

Kent State's Centennial Squirrel Contest at Homecoming 2009

Centennial Squirrel Parade a Big Hit with Homecoming Crowd

Homecoming Day, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2010, was a fabulous day. The fun and high spirits were enhanced by a record crowd at Tailgate Alley. One of the highlights of the alley was the Centennial Squirrel decorating contest. Viewers had the opportunity to vote for their favorite squirrel in six different categories. There were 34 squirrel entries in two sizes, each decorated uniquely.

Entrants in the contest were comprised of some enterprising businesses and organizations from the city of Kent, Kent State University departments and schools and student groups, as well as individuals from both the community and campus. Each entrant did their best to outdo one another with paint, glue, paper, beads, jewels and various other art and clothing materials. Entered designs showed some really creative takes on the black squirrel ranging from a Michael Jackson look-alike to a fearsome dinosaur (with a “Roo” in his teeth) to a jogger on a handmade treadmill!

First and second places were awarded in each of the six categories. All winners were chosen by popular ballot with the Best of Show ribbon being bestowed on the entry receiving the most votes.


8" Squirrel

Departments & Schools Category
  • 1st place: Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness, "The Number Cruncher"
  • 2nd place: Liquid Crystal Institute, "Helix"
Student Groups Category
  • 1st place: SLIS Students Groups – ALA/ALSSO & SLA, "The Tree of Knowledge"
  • 2nd place: May 4th Task Force, "KSU 1910-2010; May 4, 1970-2010"
Individuals Category
  • 1st place: Elaine Lumley, "Squirrely Librarian"
  • 2nd place: Mary Kenneley, "The Black Squirrel Proclamation"

30" Squirrel

Student Groups Category
  • 1st place: Students of the School of Music, "Maestro Hugh A. Squirrel & the Top Tail Ensemble"
  • 2nd place: Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, "Violet Pearl, Tri Sigma’s Black Squirrel"
Businesses & Organizations Category
  • 1st place: Black Squirrel Gallery, "Squirrelasaurus Rex"
  • 2nd place: Ray’s Place, "The King" of Nuts
Departments & Schools Category
  • 1st place: WKSU, "Will Play for Nuts"
  • 2nd place: Career Exploration and Development by Nancy Young, "Experience Kent State"


  • Students of the School of Music, "Maestro Hugh A. Squirrel & the Top Tail Ensemble"

Squirrelasaurus Rex

The Kent Golden Flasher

ACE Technology

Experience Kent State

Maestro Hugh A. Squirrel & the Top Tail Ensemble