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Scholar Examines College, Career Readiness for Latino Youth

Scholar of the Month
Cassandra Storlie
Assistant Professor  
College of Education, Health and Human Services

Cassandra Storlie is an assistant professor in the School of Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences at the College of Education, Health and Human Services. She has built a research program that addresses important diversity issues.

Her research examines the predictors of academic risk and mental health disparities among Latino youth in schools to decrease social and cultural barriers in career development. Additionally, Storlie centers on a research-to-practice model where she is committed to informing school-based intervention programs by targeting college and career readiness for Latino youth and enhancing equity in prevention and intervention.

Since coming to Kent State University in 2013, Storlie has demonstrated an impressive level of research productivity and dissemination, along with seeking out new collaborations at Kent State and at other universities. She has built a clearly defined program of research that shows documented success in reaching and impacting diverse scholarly audiences and presents significant research questions that are clearly appreciated by peer reviewers and editors of prestigious journals in her field. Storlie has published 21 peer-reviewed articles, authoring 17 of these articles during her two-and-a-half years at Kent State. She has authored two book chapters and given 17 presentations at national and international conferences. In addition, she has demonstrated research skills as an independent scholar by serving as first author on nine out of 17 peer-reviewed publications while at Kent State.

Storlie is an ad hoc reviewer for a number of prominent research and practice journals in her field, including the Journal of Adolescent Research, Journal of Career Development, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Journal of Counselor Practice and Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision.

She has become a skilled research mentor for doctoral students in Counseling Education and Supervision. Multiple publications and presentations include her Counseling Education and Supervision doctoral students as co-authors.

She has been awarded external funding from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation to support the college and career readiness among middle and high school students within the Painesville City Local School District in Painesville, Ohio. She also has been awarded a competitive Kent State summer grant to examine the role of school counselors in working with Latino youth, along with a College Research Seed Grant to examine the career experiences of Latina first-generation college students.

Prior to joining the faculty in at Kent State, Storlie received extensive research training in her doctoral program at the University of Iowa in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, program evaluation, and multicultural leadership and advocacy within the field of Counselor Education and Supervision.

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