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Scholar Shows How Literature Promotes Social Justice

Scholar of the Month
Mark Bracher
Professor of English
College of Arts and Sciences

Mark Bracher is a professor of English in the College of Arts and Sciences. His research focuses on how literary studies can promote social justice and psychological development. Bracher investigates the development of capacities and habits of perception, analysis, reflection and feeling that are necessary for recognizing social injustice, understanding its root causes, formulating effective interventions to counter it and being motivated to take action against it.

He is the author of seven books, including “Educating for Cosmopolitanism: Lessons from Cognitive Science and Literature” and “Literature and Social Justice: Protest Novels, Cognitive Politics and Schema Criticism,” both published in 2013. Bracher also has co-edited three books and authored multiple book chapters and publications in peer-reviewed journals.

He is currently organizing a Why the Humanities conference at Kent State on July 9-12, 2015, highlighting the contributions that humanities education makes to personal well-being, responsible citizenship and social justice. The event will feature internationally renowned researchers in the cognitive and neurosciences. 

The conference is part of a larger initiative on social cognition research that Bracher is leading with a team of colleagues in the departments of English, History, Modern and Classical Language Studies, Philosophy, Psychological Sciences and Sociology, all in the College of Arts and Sciences at Kent State.

Bracher received his Ph.D. and Master of Arts in English from Vanderbilt University. 

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