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Scholar Explores Privacy Practices & Social Media

Scholar of the Month Jeffrey T. Child Associate Professor of Communication College of Communication and Information 2007-present

Jeffrey T. Child is an associate professor of communication and associate director of the School of Communication Studies in the College of Communication and Information. His primary research explores privacy management practices across various communication contexts but predominantly in the social media arena. His most recent scholarship examines what motivates people to reclaim more of their privacy through social media and how people also handle parental and co-worker Facebook friend requests.

Child is the lead author of a new nationwide digital textbook launched with McGraw Hill titled “Experience Communication” focusing on communication practices across interpersonal, organizational, small group, public and social media interactions. He has published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles in major communication research journals including Communication Quarterly, Communication Studies and Computers in Human Behavior, among many others.

He also actively reviews research manuscripts for 20 different journals related to his areas of expertise, and he serves as an editorial board member of Basic Communication Course Annual, Communication Teacher and the Iowa Journal of Communication.

Child was honored in 2013 by his alma mater, Wayne State College, with a distinguished alumni award. He received his Ph.D. in Communication from North Dakota State University and a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication from Wayne State College.  

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