Registration Information

Registration Deadline: November 1, 2022
Late Registration Deadline: November 4, 2022

Price/Delegate: $165 
*Roomed in a two bed room with 3 other delegates*

Price per Advisor Single: $367.00
*Roomed alone in a one bed room*

Price per Advisor Double: $232.00
*Roomed with another advisor in a two bed room*

Extra Charges to be aware of:

  • Late Registration Fee: $20/delegate
  • Non-Affiliated Fee (if not affiliated by conference): $50/delegate

Not sure where to start with affiliating? Start HERE!

Note: Price may change due to added sponsorships after registration goes live. In this case, price/delegate can only decrease. 


Amount of People  

Maximum delegates/advisors 

There are three options for delegations:

*Delegation Cap of 10/institution!*

  • 8 students, 2 advisors.
  • 9 students, 1 advisor.
  • Less than 9 students, with 1 or 2 advisors.

Registration Guide and Packing List Resources

Delegate, Voting Rep, and Advisor Packing Lists

Invoicing Process:  

Once you register our finance chair will reach out to you with how much you owe.  

Payment Methods:  

There are two ways to pay. The first way to pay is by credit card and the second way to pay is by check.  Checks are accepted at check in. Payment is due Friday, November 11th at 6pm EDT. Any questions regarding finances and payment can be directed to our Finance and Sponsorship Chair, Caleb Strack at

Conference Waivers: 

Everyone attending RLC must fill out and complete the Conference Waiver AND the Acknowledgement of NACURH Health Guidelines for In-Person Experiences BEFORE THE CONFERENCE!”

Additional Conference Waivers: In some instances, the following waivers are necessary for delegates or a delegation. Please see the descriptions below. 

  • Gender Inclusive Housing Waiver - This would need to be signed for any individuals wanting the opportunity to opt into Gender Inclusive Housing. 
  • Early Departure Waiver - Any institution wanting to leave prior to 7am on the last day of conference.  I recognize that some of you aren't offering anything on Sunday so 7am may be the time institutions leave, however, this protects us from those wanting refunds and liability with them being on the road early. 
  • Parent and Guardian Waiver - This is completed for any delegate under the age of 18.  This would be in place of the waiver that others sign as they legally couldn't sign on their own. 

How to subscribe to the CAACURH emails 

If you go to the CAACURH website. Scroll to the bottom and you will see where to input an email address to receive CAACURH emails.

Contacting Us 

For questions regarding registration, please email the conference chair, 


For accessibility requests and accommodations, please reach out to or