What is Spirit? 

Spirit encompasses everything that involves delegates and making their experience before and during the conference as engaging as possible. Participating in spirit opportunities will ensure you get the most out of this conference!

What awards are offered at this conference? 

During the Regional Leadership Conference, delegates will have the opportunity to qualify for a variety of awards including: 

  • Best Banner Award 
  • Best Roll Call Award 
  • Spirit Award 
  • Top 10 programs 

In addition, delegates will have the opportunity to gain Spirit points. 

See ways to get Spirit Points below!

What are the Roll Call guidelines? 

A roll call video is an introduction of the members of a school’s delegation! Every delegation is encouraged to create a roll call video. Please see video guidelines below! 

  • Video includes all members of the school’s delegation! 
  • Video is creative and original! 
  • Video is correlated with the conference theme! 
  • Video is a maximum of one minute in duration! 
  • Video is uploaded to Youtube! 
  • Submit your YouTube link
  • Submission deadline is Monday, November 7th @ 11:59pm. 

*For accessibility reasons, please avoid flashing lights in your videos. 

Looking for an example of a roll cal? Visit this YouTube link.

Please email roll call videos to ca_conf@nacurh.org if uploading on Youtube is causing copyright issues.

Major Spirit Points opportunity!

What are the Banner guidelines? 

A banner is a visual representation of a delegation’s school pride! Every delegation is encouraged to create a banner. Please see banner guidelines below! 

  • Banner is creative & original! 
  • Banner has an appealing aesthetic! 
  • Banner includes members of the delegation! 
  • Banner is submitted digitally! 
  • Using the Canva “Presentation” template is highly recommended! The template is 1600x900 pixels.  
  • Submission deadline is Monday, November 7th @ 11:59pm.

*Banner must be submitted as an image file (.jpg/.png) using this form* 

Major Spirit Points opportunity!

Below are some examples of banners:

bitmojis with the leadership conference information overlaid on images of washington DC
people wearing all black are overlayed on an image to portray them dancing in the street.






What are clothespins? 

Clothespins serve as an ice breaker for delegates from different institutions to get to know each other during the conference. You will be able to trade them back and forth with various individuals. Feel free to make yours creative and unique! 


Social Media Challenges

Rolling Opportunities: 

  • Register your institution's delegation! (1 Spirit Point/delegate) 
  • Follow us on our Social Medias (Linked below @caacurh_RLC) AND comment on a post what your institution is! (1 Spirit Point/individual/platform) Refer to the button on the side to learn about our Philanthropy efforts and how to get Spirit Points! 
  • Post on Twitter, Instagram, and/or TikTok showcasing why you are NUTS about leadership and what you would like to get out of attending RLC! (3 Spirit Points/post + 2 Points for including a visual!) 

Spirit Challenge 1: Due October 26th at 11:59pm 

  • Post on social media (TikTok, IG, or Twitter) a picture and/or a video of you with your institution's mascot! (5 Spirit Points)! Tag us and use our hashtags! 

Spirit Challenge 2: Due October 26th at 11:59pm 

  • Be creative! Create your own institution-themed black squirrel! Below are squirrels we have that are wearing KSU gear - take those as an example and make it your own! Any media is welcome (i.e. drawing/painting/digital art) and post on your social! (5 Spirit Points/entry)! 

Spirit Challenge 3: Due November 4th at 11:59pm 

  • Show some love on our Instagram to our spirit committee for teaching the region one CAACURH chant! Do you know other chants? Or does your institution have a chant? Submit a video on social media of your delegation chanting something special for 5 Spirit Points/chant! 

Spirit Challenge 4: Due November 9th at 11:59pm 

  • Show off a video of your delegation creating your clothespins!! Make sure to use our hashtags and tag us! 

Additional Info:

  • At RLC, it's a tradition for each delegation to bring clothespins decorated with your institution's spirit/colors/theme! Be as creative as you would like and bring as many as you can to trade with other institutions! Be the one to collect them all! 5 Spirit Points/delegation! 

illustration of two white goose prints on a salmon colored background.
Download the Goose Chase App! 
App Store or Google Play 

Goose Chase is a mission oriented app that we will use for more spirit opportunities during conference! We will let everyone know when you can access our pages within the apps but you can download them ahead of time!

Questions? Please email ca_conf@naacurh.org.