ICS 1998-1999 VOL 08 NO 2

L. Brooks Hill
Intercultural Communication Principles and Practice: Introduction pdf

J. Patrick Christian
Business Meetings: A Forum for Discussion or a Place to Take Action A Discourse Analysis Study of Cross-Cultural Differences between French and American Business Professionals in the Workplace pdf

Ikushi Yamaguchi
An Analysis of Work-Related Values among U.S., Australian and Japanese Workers: for More Effective Intercultural Communication pdf

Linda K. Larkey
The Colorblind Conundrum: When Rhetoric and Behavior are not Aligned in Workgroups pdf

Mark Comadena, Suraj Kapoor, Catherine Konsky & Janet Blue
Validation of Intercultural Sensitivity Measure Individualism – Collectivism pdf

Mariko Eguchi
A Study of the Psychological Dimension of Communicative Competence pdf

Suraj Kapoor, Catherine Konsky & Janet Blue
TV and University and High School Students’ Value Preference – An Individualist – Collectivist Perspective pdf

Paul M. Shaver & Lynda Dixon Shaver
“Icons” of Bureaucratic Therapy: An Application of Eco’s Semiotic Methodology in an Intercultural Health Care Setting pdf

D. Ray Heisey, Yu Zhen, & Yan Jun
Persuasive Strategies of the Bai Ma (White Horse) Snow Mountain University Green Camp Expedition of 1996 in China pdf

Charles Elerick
Creating Opportunities for Cross-Cultural Communication through Internet-Supported Student “Exchange” Programs pdf

Philip F. C. Williams
Migrant Laborer Subcultures in Recent Chinese Literature: A Communicative Perspective pdf

Xing Lu
Rhetoric of Nationalism and Anti-Americanism: A Burkean Analysis of China Can Say No pdf

Toru Yamashita
Contrastive Analysis of Discourse Representation in Japanese and American Newspaper Reports pdf

Yuko Takeshita
Intercultural Communication Between Japanese and Thais Through Discrepancies in Images pdf

Jaromira Rakusan
World of Animals in An Intercultural Perspective (Slavic vs. Germanic Metaphors) pdf

Walburga von Raffler-Engel
The Perception of the Unborn in the Diverse Sub-cultures of the United States of America pdf