ICS 2007 VOL 16 NO 1

Stacy Smulowitz
When Does Culture Matter, and To Whom? pdf

Yi-Fan Chen
Public Mobile Communication Technology Use: A Comparison between America and Taiwan pdf

Kandi Walker, Lee Ridner, & Eleen Hahn
Exploratory Study of Young Adults’ Perceptions of Tobacco Use and Tobacco Marketing pdf

Michele Khoo & Kavita Karan
Macho or Metrosexual: The Branding of Masculinity in FHM Magazine in Singapore pdf

Lata Kumar
Role of Marketing Communication in Enhancement of Quality of Life in Rural India pdf

Ana Clotilde Thome Williams & N. St. Clair
MERCOSUR: The Regional State of South America pdf

Feng-Yung Hu & Fei Wu
The Relationship between Russian President Putin’s Media Reforms and His Ideological Tendency pdf

Yi Wang
Globalization Enhances Cultural Identity pdf

Miyuki Hashimoto
Visual Kei Otaku Identity—An Intercultural Analysis pdf

Yihong Gao
Legitimacy of Foreign Language Learning and Identity Research: Structuralist and Constructivist Perspectives pdf

Satoshi Moriizumi & Jiro Takai
Contextual Differences in Interpersonal Conflict Management Styles in Japan pdf

Yuqin Zhao
Cultural Conflicts in an Intercultural Classroom Discourse and Interpretations from a Cultural Perspective pdf

Yasuhiro Fujiwara
A Web-based Survey on British Pragmatics Acceptability of Japanese Refusals in English: From Cross-cultural to Intercultural pdf

Rui Yu, Li Fu, & Xiao-Yu Hou
Contrastive Analysis of Compliment between English and Chinese pdf

Lin Yupeng
Cultural Metamorphosis in Translation: Domestication in One Chinese Version of Uncle Tom’s Cabin pdf

Fei Xi & Han Guang
Cultural Impacts on Indirectness in English Writings of Chinese ESL/EFL Learners pdf

Shinobu Suzuku
Structural Features of Informal Arguments in Spoken Japanese: A Comparison between Advanced and Superior Learners pdf

Yingqin Liu
Cultural Factors and Rhetorical Patterns in Classical Chinese Argumentation pdf

Chang Pu
Discourse Analysis of President Bush’s Speech at Tsinghua University, China pdf

Po-Lin Pan
The Construction of Taiwanese as Chinese: A Public Relations Approach to Explore Chinese Leader’s Discourse pdf

Xingsong Shi
Intercultural Language Socialization: Theory and Methodology pdf

Akbar Afghari
A Contrastive Study of Four Cultural Differences in Everyday Conversation between English and Persian pdf

Jennifer Salisbury & Guo-Ming Chen
An Examination of the Relationship between Conversational Sensitivity and Listening Styles pdf