ICS 2009 VOL 18 NO 2

Victor Lux Tonn
Xystems, Communications, and a Framework of Xystematics pdf

Anita Foeman
Science and Magic: DNA and the Racial Narratives that Shape the Social Construction of Race in the USA pdf

Vanessa G. Cunningham-Engram, Gary C. Guffey, & Kim C. Smith
The Influence of Technology on Sexual Content in Mass Media in the United States, China, and India pdf

Ai Mizuta
The Unchanged Images of English in Changing Japan: From Modernization to Globalization pdf

Changyuan Liu & Song Wang
Transformation of Chinese Cultural Values in the Era of Globalization: Individualism and Chinese Youth pdf

An Ran
The Relationship between Chinese Identity, Friendship, and Language Skills for Ethnic Chinese International Students in China pdf

Jing Liu
Students’ Construal of Intercultural Communication Competence and Intercultural Communication Teaching pdf

Kazuhiro Kudo
Revisiting the Emic Approach to Japanese Interpersonal Communication Competence: Methodological Reflections and Future Directions pdf

Joanna Radwanska-Williams
Language Contact and Language Learning in a Multicultural Setting: A Case Study of an Indian Family in Macao pdf

Sarah M. Shorey & Bruce F. Wickelgren
The Muting of Witches pdf

Xiaoshi Li
Do They Tell Stories Differently?: Discourse Marker Use by Chinese Native Speakers and Nonnative Speakers pdf

Jian-Feng Wei
“Quemoy” or “Kinmen”?: A Translation Strategy for Communication pdf

Qiuxiang Feng & Rongpei Wang
Intratextual Coherence in Translating The Tso Chuan pdf

Mengyu Li
The Exploration of Cultural Region, Value, and Time in Shen Congwen and Faulkner’s Novels pdf

Kwasi Boateng
Ghanaian Hip-life Rap Music as a Popular or Political Rap, and a Mixed Cultural Bag of Ghanaian High-life and North American Rap Music pdf

Yoshiyuki Okaura
Grammatical Characteristics of Good 50-Word Essays by Japanese Students of English: Optimal Relevance through the Formation of Explicatures pdf

Shinichi Takahara, Takako Koshiba, & Sanae Yanmazaki
Communication for Caring: A Case Study of a Regular Teacher Who Works for a Japanese High School with Three-shift System pdf

Bingyan Shi
A Survey of the Changes in Cultural Awareness in Chinese Students pdf

William Carney
Rhetorical Preferences of Caribbean University Students: An Empirical Study pdf