ICS 2009 VOL 18 NO 1

Mark Ward

Fundamentalist Differences: Using Ethnography of Rhetoric (EOR) to Analyze a Community of Practice pdf

Roy Krovel
Solidarity and Intercultural Communication in Chiapas, Mexico pdf

Sheyla Zandonai
Global Diversity, Local Identity: Multicultural Practice in Macau pdf

Changfu Chang
Beyond Celebration: International Professors and Cultural Hybridity in the Classroom pdf

Aparna Hebbani, Levi Obijiofor, & Helen Bristed
Generational Differences Faced by Sudanese Refugee Women Settling in Australia pdf

Shi Tongyun
The Queen and the Country: A Contextual Study of the Modernization of the British Royal Family as Represented by the Film The Queen pdf

Sarah Corona Berkin
Indigenous Embroidery in the Construction of Ethnic Identity: The Case of Huichol Women pdf

Pamela Gray & Caroline Sawyer Downes
Meeting the Needs of Native American Radio: A Preliminary Exploration of Native America Calling pdf

Yingqin Liu
The Impact of Cultural Factors on Chinese and American College Students’ Rhetorical Choices in Argumentative Discourse: A Contrastive Study pdf

Ehsan Shaghasemi & D. Ray Heisey
The Cross-Cultural Schemata of Iranian-American People Toward Each Other: A Qualitative Approach pdf

Kwasi Boateng
Radio in Accra: Communicating among Linguistically and Ethnically Diverse Audiences pdf

Uchenna Onuzulike
Nollywood: Nigerian Videofilms as a Cultural and Technological Hybridity pdf

Wenli Yuan
Effectiveness of Communication between American and Chinese Employees in Multinational Organizations in China pdf

Che Su, Hassan Abu Bakar, & Bahtiar Mohamad
The Supervisory Communication-Commitment to Workgroup Model: Example of a Malaysian Organization pdf

Ning Yu
When Conceptual Metaphors Govern Linguistic Expressions: A Textual Analysis pdf

Gu Xiaole
A Study of Interrelations Between Sociopragmatic and Linguistic Competences pdf

Fengling Wang & Shuchan Xu
Impact of Cultural Values on Consumption Behavior: A Survey of Contemporary Chinese University Students pdf

Zhenping Wang 
Raising and Lowering Speaker’s or Hearer’s Position in the Politeness Principle in Intercultural Communication pdf

Lin Ma, Yang Zhang, & Chunhong Chen
On the Identity of Overseas Returnees in China: Is It a Communication Failure or What? pdf