ICS 2006 VOL 15 NO 1

Xiaosui Xiao
Yijing: A Self-Circulating and Self-Justified Chinese Cultural Discourse pdf

Rueyling Chuang
Tibetan Buddhism, Symbolism, and Communication Implications in the (Post)modern World pdf

Kazuya Hara
The Concept of Omoiyari (Altruistic Sensitivity) in Japanese Relational Communication pdf

Ming-Yi Wu
Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions 30 Years Later: A Study of Taiwan and the United States pdf

Sheng-Ping Tao
A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Life Style Between Taiwanese and US Consumers pdf

Charles McHugh
Japanese Ominous Cultural Encounters pdf

Po-chung Chuang
Political Spot Advertising: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the 1996-2004 Presidential Campaigns in Taiwan and the U.S. pdf

Noriko Hasegawa
A Quantitative Analysis of Japanese Images of Korea: Perceptual Changes Brought about by TV Drama Viewing pdf

Ling-hsuan Larry Tung
Images of Asians and Asian-Americans: The Under-representation and Misrepresentation of Asians and Asian-Americans on American Television pdf

Hui-Ching Chang & Richard Holt
The Repositioning of “Taiwan” and “China”: An Analysis of Patriotic Songs of Taiwan pdf

Pei-Ling Lee
The Editorial Commentaries of the 2004 Referendum Issue in Taiwan: A Fantasy Theme Analysis pdf

Rosemary Chai
White U.S. Expatriate Professionals in Singapore: Desiring to be Cosmopolitans pdf

Jian-Feng Wei
An Examination of Cultural Identity of Residence of Quemoy (Kinmen) pdf

Kam-yee Law & Kim-ming Lee
The Cultural Logic of Chinese Transnationalism: Malaysian-Chinese Students in Guangzhou pdf

Robert N. St. Clair & YuXin Jia
Visual Metaphors, Visual Communication and the Organization of Cognitive Space pdf

Maria del Carmen de la Peza
The Impact of Latin American Music in Japan pdf

Noriko Ihara
Expressions of Affect in English and Japanese Novels pdf

Li Zeng
From Verbal to Visual: Pearl Buck’s Pavilion of Women (1946) and Its Filmic Adaptation (2001) pdf

Xiaoshi Li & Xuerui Jia
Why Don’t You Speak Up?: East Asian Students’ Participation Patterns in American and Chinese ESL Classrooms pdf

Junko Tsujino, Mayumi Oyama-Higa, & Xinying Huang
Factors Related to Acts of Violence and Neglect by University Students in Japan and China pdf

Akiko Fukumoto
War Memories and the History Textbook Controversy in 2000-2001: Seeking Constructive Dialogues over War Memories pdf