ICS 2010 VOL 19 NO 3

Yiheng Deng
Strategy to Bring about a Predetermined Outcome in Chinese Mediation: A Study of Contemporary Chinese Mediation Sessions in a Southwestern Province of China pdf

Tamra Portalla & Guo-Ming Chen
The Development and Validation of the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale pdf

Peiwen Lee
Friendships After Break-Ups: Relational Maintenance Strategies in Cross-Gender Post-Dating Relationships in Taiwan pdf

Hsueh-i Chen
The Concept of “Polylogue” and the Question of “Intercultural” Identity pdf

Barry Kavanagh
A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Japanese and English Non-Verbal Online Communication: The Use of Emoticons in Weblogs pdf

Sanae Tsuda
Interpersonal Functions of the Polite Forms Desu/Masu in Japanese Conversations pdf

Sorabud Rungrojsuwan
Negative Markers in Dialects of Northern Thai pdf

Thore Roksvold
Changes in Newspaper Language Explored as Changes in Cultural Norms pdf

Ma. del Carmen de la Peza
Panteón Rococó: Mexican Ska and Collective Memory pdf

Sedigheh Babran & Ashraf Sadat Ahadzadeh
Audiences’ Perception of Media Ethics Principles On Iran Television News pdf

Jonathan Benda
Difficult Writing: Representation and Responsibility in Narratives of Cross-Cultural Encounters pdf

Eirca J. Hashiba
The Representation of World War II: A Comparison of Japanese and American Textbook Discourse pdf

Lyubov A. Kuryleva & Svetlana A. Boeva
Literary Texts by H. Murakami in Terms of Intercultural Communication pdf

Lida Liu & Xiukun Qi
A Contrastive Study of Textual Cohesion and Coherence Errors in Chinese EFL Abstract Writing in Engineering Discourse pdf

Pei-Ling Lee
From Discord to Harmony? A Textual Analysis of Political Theme Songs in Contemporary Taiwan pdf

Lindsay Mack
Teaching Global English to EFL Classes pdf

Mahbub Uddin & L. Brooks Hill
Creativity and Entrepreneurial Behavior pdf

Xin-Ping Guan & James Baquet
Internationalizing Project to Challenge Social Transition and Globalization Through Educational Communication Across Cultures pdf

Junko Saruhashi
Developing a Training Program for International Language Management Specialists: Japanese Business in Context pdf

Dilani Sampath & Arezou Zalipour
Effective Teaching Strategies for Learners of Business Communication: A Case Study from INTI University College, Malaysia pdf

Lisa Rogers
Pre-Departure Training Effectiveness: A Study of the Effectiveness of an Elective Course for Non-Native English Speakers Preparing for Overseas Study pdf