ICS 2017 VOL 26 NO 2

Cover Page pdf

Content List pdf

Preface pdf

Robert W. Vaagan
Intercultural Communication and Globalization pdf

Joanna Radwańska-Williams
The People in the Forest: Personal Memory as a Locus of Culture pdf

Liang Chen
Ecology, Return, Trespass: Realism in Louise Erdrich’s The Round House pdf

Lue Li
Macao under One Country, Two Systems: A Typical Example of Cultural Integration between East and West pdf

Linda Lam
What Kind(s) of Medium of Instruction Should Be Used in the Higher Education Institutions of Macao? - A Case Study of Student Preference of Medium of Instruction at Macao Polytechnic Institute pdf

Caitlyn Crenshaw, Anita Zipfel, Margaret U. D’Silva & Greg B. Leichty
Analyzing Cultures through Outdoor Advertising: A Comparison of Billboards in Cuba and the USA pdf

Ran Ju
Communicating Homosexuality Online in China: Exploring the Blog of a Lesbian Organization through the Lens of Co-cultural Theory pdf

Ioannis Karras
The Effectiveness of an Intercultural Communication Course in Increasing International & European Studies Students’ Intercultural Sensitivity pdf

Dan Yao
Exploration of Teaching Chinese in the Chinese Kindergartens of the Philippines pdf

Adrian J. Davis
From Ivory Towers to Castles in the Air? An Exploration of the Conditions, Mechanisms and Teaching Methods in the Far Transfer of Undergraduate Learning to the Real World pdf

Zi-yu Lin
Mental Simulation and Translation - An Analysis of the Cognitive Motivations in the English Translations of 天淨沙•秋思 pdf

George F. Simons
Review of Intercultural Communication: An Interdisciplinary Approach: When Neurons, Genes, and Evolution Joined the Discourse (book by Nguyen-Phuong-Mai Mai) pdf