ICS 2013 VOL 22 NO 1

Content List pdf

Feng-Yung Hu
Preface pdf

Guo-Ming Chen
A Zhong Dao Model of Management in Global Context pdf

Chih-yu Shih
China Rise Syndromes? Drafting National Schools of International Relations in Asia pdf

H. Samuel Wang
Global English as a Trend in English Teaching pdf

Lin-Wen Wang
Cultural Continuity and Transmission: From the Case Study of Innovative Works of the I Ching and Tsao Shu pdf

Feng-Yung Hu
US-China-Russia Competition in Asia? On Russia’s Role in US-China Information War pdf

Meihua Lee
A Comparative Analysis of Media Representations of Taiwan’s Yami/Tao Aboriginal Peoples pdf

Zhang Taofu & Chen Lijuan
Political “Horseracing” Show in Media Era – An Analysis of the Television Debate in 2012 American Presidential Election from the Perspective of Political Communication pdf

Wu Fei & Chi Min
The Triangle Interaction among Ishihara Thinking, the American Right-Wing Think Tanks and Media pdf

Hongtao Jing
Global Awareness: Foreign Language Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices pdf

Yan-Shu Sun & Steve Guo
Media Use, Social Comparison, Cognitive Dissonance and Peer Pressure as Antecedents of Fashion Involvement pdf

Yingli Zhou, Jinai Sun, Dan Yin, Tao Xu, Xiaoyuan Xia & Pingpinig Fu
An Action Research of the Chinese Context-Based Intercultural Teaching – A Case Study of an Intercultural Exchange Project between American and Chinese College Students pdf

Ricardo K. S. Mak & Catherine S. Chan
Icons, Culture and Collective Identity of Postwar Hong Kong pdf

Mansoureh Sharifzadeh
The Role of Common Ground in International Communication: Iraq-Iran Correlation pdf

Lavinia Bracci, Jules Martin, Bella Owona & Eliza J. Nash
Community Engagement through International Service-Learning: How a Foreign Student can Become a Social Actor in the Host Society pdf

Yong Nie, Kunio Shirahada & Michitaka Kosaka
Value Co-creation Oriented Leadership for Promoting Service-Centric Business pdf

Xaio Yan Li & Katsuhiro Umemoto
Knowledge Creation through Inter-Cultural Communication in Multi-Cultural Groupwork pdf

Shinichi Takahara
Balancing Ethnic Identity: The Life History of a Filipino-Japanese Woman pdf

Judy Yoneoka
“A Message from the Goddess of Peace”: Analysis of News Articles on a Japanese Woman’s Activities at the 1921 Washington Arms Limitation Conference pdf

Che Su Mustaffa & Munirah Ilias
'Relationship between Students’ Adjustment Factors and Cross Cultural Adjustment: A Survey at the Northern University of Malaysis pdf

Mingsheng Li
Acculturation, Filial Responsibilities and Living Arrangements: An Empirical Study of the Acculturative Experiences of Elderly Chinese Immigrants in New Zealand pdf