ICS 2000 VOL 10 NO 1

Cover & Content List pdf

Yuko Takeshita
Japanese English as a Variety of Asian Englishes and Japanese Students of English pdf

Nobuyuki Honna
Some Remarks on the Multiculturalism of Asian Englishes pdf

Hiroko Tina Tajima
The Making of a Japanese Dictionary of Asian Englishes with an Emphasis on Singaporean/Malaysian English pdf

Hiroshi Yoshikawa
The Attitude Toward and Recognition of English in Korea with reference to English in Japan pdf

English in India: Possibilities of non-native Englishes for inter-Asian Communication pdf

Blaine Goss
Friendliness Does Not Make Friends in Japan pdf

D. Ray Heisey
The Impact of the Chinese Mind and Language on the Process of Modernization in China pdf

Pan Shiwen
Hong Kong's Bilingual Past and Present pdf

Robert N. St. Clair and John A. Busch
Transmission of Values: The Information Age Crisis in Socialization pdf

Emilio García Gómez
The Language Issue in the European Union pdf

Robert E. Vann
Constructing reality in bicultural communication: Catalan ways of speaking English pdf

Angela Sue Willis
Culture-Bound Pedagogy's Effect on Immersion Implementation - the Asian example pdf

Richard Berwick and Thomas Whalley
Personal Dimensions of Globalization Through Study Abroad: A 10-Year Perspective pdf

Chantale Grenon-Nyenhuis
The Dictionary as a Cultural Institution pdf

Susie Shy Thompson
Mamaw Got Run Over by a Combine: Grandparent Naming Practices in the Rural South pdf

Khalid M. Abalhassan and Hamdan G. Alshalawi
Code-switching Behavior of Arab Speakers of English as a Second Language in the United States pdf

L. Brooks Hill, Lynda D. Dixon and L. Blaine Goss
Intercultural Communication: Trends, Problems, and Prospects pdf