ICS 2007 VOL 16 NO 3

Rui Zhang
The Effect of Situational and Relational Factors on Conflict Styles pdf

Melinda Dooly
Teachers’ Awareness: Research into Teachers’ Categorizations of Linguistic and Cultural Diversity pdf

Aparna Hebbani & Lawrence R. Frey
The Intercultural Hiring Interview: Applying Uncertainty Reduction Theory to the Study of Nonverbal Behavior between U.S. Interviewers and Indian Applicants pdf

Jing Chong & Lynette Kvasny
A Disease That “Has a Woman’s Face”: The Social Construction of Gender and Sexuality in HIV/AIDS Discourses pdf

Vanessa G. Cunningham, Margaret U. D’Silva, & Keneka L. Cheatham
Invisibility of Black Staff in Academia: A Qualitative Analysis pdf

Nuredayu Omar, Che Su Mustaffa, & Munif Zariruddin Fikri Nordin
A Comparison of Family Communication And Institutional Communication of Boarding School Students And Juveniles in Malaysia pdf

Li Xue & Meng Meng
A Cross-Cultural Characterization of Chinese and English Written Discourse pdf

Cecilia Ikeguchi
Intercultural Adjustment – Reconsidering the Issues: The Case of Foreigners in Japan pdf

Norsiah Abdul-Hamid & Che Su Mustaffa
Media Literacy: Accessibility and Skills among Malaysian Women pdf

Mónica Cejas
Tourism “Back in Time”: Performing “the Essence of Safari” in Africa pdf

Szu-Yin Yeh
Chinese Movies in the 2005 Cannes Film Festival pdf

Xiukun Qi & Lida Liu
Differences between Reader/Writer Responsible Languages Reflected in EFL Learners’ Writing pdf

Ran An & Shihai Zhang
Difference in the Process of Listening to Chinese: Foreign Learners of Character-writing and Non-character Writing pdf

Li Jinling & Meng Xuemei
Who is Afraid of an Englishman? pdf

Rosemary Chai & Gary Fontaine
Context Preference Shifts in the Communicative Behavior of Chinese and Caucasian Students in Hawaii pdf

Shuang Sun
From Linguistic Knowledge to Cultural Awareness pdf

Wang Li
The Vernaculars of the City of Wuhan A Sociolinguistic Case Study of the Use of Local Slang pdf

María del Carmen de la Peza Casares
El TRI: Memory, Imagination and Politics? pdf

Marcela Suárez
Crime Coverage on the Press and Public Opinion at the Beginning of the Mexican Modern Press pdf

Wang Qianyu & Wang Xiangyu
“Package,” Rhetorical Techniques, and Translation: Exploring the Booming of Chinese Sketches in Language Aspects pdf

Victor Lux Tonn
Systematic Foundations of Organizations and Communications pdf

Izumi Funayama
“Chipanese” Standards for Communication, Evaluation, and Membership: A Case Study of a Pioneering Chinese-Foreign Joint Venture pdf

Panel General Abstract
The Right to Kill/The Right to Die: The Contemporary Discourse in Japanese and English on Abortion, Suicide and Capital Punishment pdf

Panel – Erich Berendt
The Right to Kill; the Right to Die pdf

Panel – Erich Berendt
Capital Punishment: An Instance of the Right to Kill pdf

Panel – Keiko Tanita
Abortion: An Instance of the Right to Kill pdf

Panel – Aya Maeda
Suicide: An Instance of the Right to Die pdf

Panel – Robert N. St. Clair
Capital Punishment – The Right to Kill/The Right to Die pdf