ICS 2005 VOL 14 NO 1

Robert N. St. Clair & Nobuyuki Honna

In Honor of Dr. D. Ray Heisey, President, IAICS, 2001-2003 pdf

Mei Zhong
The Only Child Declaration: A Content Analysis of Published Stories by China’s Only Children pdf

Ling Chen
Persuasion in Chinese Culture: A Glimpse of the Ancient Practice in Contrast to the West pdf

Xiaosui Xiao
Intellectual Communication East and West: A Historical and Rhetorical Approach pdf

Wolfgang Fritz, Andrea Graf, Joachim Hentze, Antje Mollenberg, & Guo-Ming Chen
An Examination of Chen and Starosta’s Model of Intercultural Sensitivity in Germany and United States pdf

Mary A. Brocket
Nelson Mandela and F. W. de Klerk: A Comparative Rhetorical Analysis of their Visions of a New South Africa pdf

S. Lily L. Mendoza
From a Theory of Certainty to a Theory of Challenge: Ethnography of an Intercultural Communication Class pdf

Wenshan Jia
The Deweyan Pragmatism: Its Implications for the Study of Intercultural Communication pdf

Rosita Albert, Adina Schneeweis, & Iva Knobbe
Strengthening, Hiding or Relinquishing Ethnic Identity in Response to Threat: Implications for Intercultural Relations pdf

Wenxiang Gong
Information Sovereignty Reviewed pdf

Robert N. St. Clair & John H. Koo
Rites of Passage Across Cultures pdf

Yuxin Jia & Xuerui Jia
Chinese Characters, Chinese Culture and Chinese Mind pdf

Lisa Sparks & L. Brooks Hill
Personal Relationships Across the Lifespan: A Suggestive Perspective from Communication Theory pdf

Dwight Freshley
A Crosscultural Study of Identification of Emotions: China and the United States pdf