ICS 2011 VOL 20 NO 2

Priscilla Young & Margaret Garmon
Remembering Professor D. Ray Heisey, Ph.D. pdf

D. Ray Heisey
A Dialogue Proposal for Intercultural Communication pdf

Lavinia Heller
Disappointing Translation pdf

Sylvie P. Alemanno & Bertrand Cabedoche
Suicide as the Ultimate Response to the Effects of Globalisation? France Télécom, Psychosocial Risks, and Communicational Implementation of the Global Workplace pdf

Yan Wang
A Discourse-Pragmatic Functional Study of the Discourse Markers Japanese Ano and Chinese Nage pdf

Jiuquan Han, Zhehui Wang & Dongyan Xue
A Bi-Dimensional View of Numerical Thinking in Ancient Chinese Culture pdf

Margaret U. D’Silva, Greg Leichty & Vinita Agarwal
Cultural Representations of HIV/AIDS in Indian Print Media pdf

Roy Krovel
Journalistic Narratives of Success and Failure at the Bali Climate Change Conference in 2007 pdf

Kedong Liu & Hui Zhang
Self- and Counter- Representations of Native Americans: Stereotypical Images of and New Images by Native Americans in Popular Media pdf

Xinkai Huang
To Become Immortal: Chinese Fantasy Literature Online pdf

Kenneth C. C. Yang
The Effects of Social Influence on Blog Advertising Use pdf

Gao Youhan (GOIHAN)
Development of English Language Education in Ethnic Minority Schools in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region pdf

Xuelai Jia
Self Perception and Self Representation of English Teachers from a North-Eastern Chinese University pdf

Franco Vaccarino & Emma Dresler-Hawke
How You Doing, Mate? The Perceptions of Benefits and Barriers in Forming Friendships with International Students: A New Zealand Perspective pdf

Weihua Yu & Shu Wang
An Investigation into the Acculturation Strategies Of Chinese Students in Germany pdf

William Carney, Ornella Nelson & Serenity Morrison
“A Mass Kaleidoscope of Blooming Colour”: Rhetorical Preferences in the Expository Writing of Caribbean University Students pdf

Christie Provenzano & Sorrell Yue 
Take it Outside! – Speaking Homework for English Communication Classes pdf