ICS 2008 VOL 17 NO 1

Robert St. Clair & Ana Williams
The Framework of Cultural Space pdf

Margaret D’Silva & Robert St. Clair
The Sedimentation of Cultural Space: Stratification Patterns of Mumbai and Bangalore pdf

Wei Song, Robert St. Clair & Song Wang
Modernization and the Sedimentation of Cultural Space of Harbin: The Stratification of Material Culture pdf

Yingxin Ma
Reading of Koolhaas’ CCTV New Headquarters pdf

Ma Lin
The Representation of the Orient in Western Women Perfume Advertisements: A Semiotic Analysis pdf

Quin Ma
Gender Stereotyping in Pictorial Sports News: A Case Study pdf

Mengyu Li
The Unique Values of Chinese Traditional Cultural Time Orientation: In Comparison with Western Cultural Time Orientation pdf

Jiang Chun & Fan Yu
Cultural Metaphors in China: A Visual Experience of Hierarchy and Status Symbols pdf

Ning Yu
Multimodal Manifestation of Conceptual Metaphors in Multimedia Communication pdf

Renying Yang
A Holographic Study of Metaphors Concerning Love in Chinese pdf

Tongyun Shi
British National Identity in the 21st Century pdf

Lihong Wu
On the Different Social Scripts of Teaching and Learning Between Chinese and Westerners pdf

Huang Hong
The Performance-Based Culture pdf

Hongdang Meng
Social Script Theory and Cross-Cultural Communication pdf

Xiaoxiao Chen
Reporting on Sino-Japan in The New York Times: A Critical Discourse Analysis pdf

Jing Ke
Did the US Media Reflect the Reality of the Kosovo War in an Objective Manner? A Case Study of The Washington Post and The Washington Times pdf

Robert Vaagan
Preparing for Terrorism: Exercise Oslo 2006 and Crisis Communication pdf

Zhenping Wang
The Impact of Existentialism on China’s Democratic Education through Globalization pdf

Heng Wang
A Tentative Analysis of “Face” in the Chinese Request pdf

Ma Yingxin
The Study of the Chinese Speech Act pdf

He Jing
Seeking the Meaning of Life: A Comparison of Lao Tzu’s “Tao” and Emerson’s “Oversoul” pdf

Yan Zhang
What is Going on in China? A Cultural Analysis on the Reappearance of Ancient Jili and Hanfu in Present-Day China pdf

Yi Feng
Tradition and Postmodernism: The Xihuan Plaza and the Ancient City Gate pdf

Lezhou Su
Metaphors of English Learning pdf

Sha Yang
Conceptions of the Spring Festival and Christmas of Shanghai’s Young and Middle-aged People: A Qualitative Study of Similarities and Differences pdf

Lin Ma & Aihua Liu
A Universal Approach to Metaphors pdf

Nan Song
Indigenous Tourism – A Passport to Development for Indigenous Australians? pdf

Cecilia Ikeguchi
Cultural Learning and Adaptation: A Closer Look at the Realities pdf

Yvonne Yanrong Chang
Cultural “Faces” of Interpersonal Communication in the U.S. and China pdf