ICS 2001 VOL 10 NO 2

Shirley Willihnganz & Margaret Usha D’Silva
Intercultural Communication in Context Introduction pdf

Penny Summers
Cultural Truth and the First Amendment Your Truth Better Than Mine? pdf

Ian G. Weber
Shanghai Youth’s Strategic Mobilization of Individualistic Values: Constructing Cultural Identity in the Age of Spiritual Civilization pdf

John Monberg
Cultural Identity in an Era of Globalization: Contrasting State Media Policies in the United States and France pdf

Margaret Usha D’Silva
Global Media and Cultural Identity: Experiences from an Indian Town pdf

Mary Fong & Gerry F. Philipsen
A Chinese American Way of Speaking: The Persuasive Function pdf

Shigeo Uematsu
The Use of Back Channels Between Native and Non-native Speakers in English and Japanese pdf

Reiko Hashimoto
Problem Solving in Cross-Cultural Communication Situations pdf

Changfu Chang
Civilization and Barbarism Deconstructing Legocentrism in the Works of Several Communication Scholars pdf

Sean O’Halloran
English Medium Secondary Schools: Privileged Orphans in the SAR pdf

Alan M. Cogen
Using Task-based Learning to Develop Multi-cultural Literacy in the Classroom pdf

Branson Woodard
Postmodern Disintegration and Communicative Presence: Toward Another Perspective on Words and Things pdf

Suraj Kapoor, Janet Blue, Catherine Konsky, & Michael Drager
Intercultural Sensitivity: A Comparison of American and Japanese Value Preference pdf

Catherine Konsky, Usha Kapoor, Janet Blue & Suraj Kapoor
Religion and Communication: A Study of Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity pdf

William B. Chapel
Forensic Rhetoric: A Strategy for Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution pdf