ICS 2004 VOL 13 NO 1

Richard L. Wiseman & Xiaohui Pan
Smiling in the People’s Republic of China and the United States: Status and Situational Influences on the Social Appropriateness of Smiling pdf

Lisa C. Wagner
Positive- and Negative-Politeness Strategies: Apologizing in the Speech Community of Cuernavaca, Mexico pdf

Li Xiaoshi Jia Xuerui
Face Negotiation in Conflict Resolution in the Chinese Context pdf

Bethany L. Mooradian
Going Home When Home Does Not Feel Like Home: Reentry, Expectancy Violation Theory, Self-Construal, and Psychological and Social Support pdf

Gu Xiao-le
A Contrastive Analysis of Chinese and American Views about Silence and Debate pdf

Jianglong Wang
Culture and Campaign Communication: Toward a Normative Theory pdf

Kandi L. Walker, Joy L. Hart, & Melanie Morgan
Health Message Strategies and Generation X Culture: Getting the Message Out and Getting Attention pdf

Junko Ueno
Gender Differences in Japanese Conversation pdf

Qingwen Dong & Kenneth D. Day
A Relational Orientation to Communication: Origins, Foundations, and Theorists pdf

Ralph C. Ennis
A Theoretical Model for Research in Intercultural Decision Making pdf

Star M. Gonzales & Jack Mierop
Humor Use and Family Satisfaction: A Cross Cultural Approach pdf

Stefanie Sperber, Birgitta Wolff, & Edward J. Lusk
The Effects of Task Characteristics on the Performance of Multicultural Teams: Connecting Economic Theory and Empirical Evidence pdf

Yasuhiro Fujiwara
An Intercultural Pragmatics Study on Japanese Resistivity and American Acceptability in Refusals pdf

Richard L. Wiseman, Star M. Gonzales, & Kimberly Salyer
A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Students’ Sense of Community, Degree of Involvement, and Educational Benefits pdf